Rules Debate – Legacies of Ruin

Rules Debate – Legacies of Ruin

Hi, today I’m going to open a discussion about Legacies of Ruin, taken from IA13, and whether or not vehicles taken from other codices should be able to take these, in particular, whether a Legacy of Ruin can be taken on a Chaos Knight from Khorne Daemonkin. I would love to hear your input, but for now, let’s take a look at the facts, and make some conclusions based on what we find.

To start with, we will take a look at the Legacies of Ruin rules, from Imperial Armour 13, and their rules for being taken.

Now, the first thing of note is that the rule specifically states ‘any vehicle in a Chaos Space Marines army and any of its supplemental Codexes’. Khorne Daemonkin is NOT a Chaos Space Marine supplement, however this book was written before KDK was a book, so potentially the exclusion is not deliberate, or current. Normally books that are no longer up to date are covered by FAQs, and in this case, we’re looking at how this unit works in ITC, so let’s go there next.

Looking at the ITC FAQ, we find the following;

This clearly states Chaos Knights may take Legacies of Ruin. Check out the Chaos Knight rules as follows:

So, a Chaos Knight can be taken in a Khorne Daemonkin army, and according to the ITC FAQ, Chaos Knights MAY take Legacies of Ruin. However, it is worth noting that this ruling comes under the Chaos Space Marines section of the ITC FAQ. Chaos Knights are not mentioned in the Khorne Daemonkin section, so again, this is debateable.

The last point to take into consideration is that to be taken in a Khorne Daemonkin army, a Chaos Knight must be ‘dedicated to Khorne’ which means taking the Daemon Knight of Khorne upgrade.

Going back to the IA13 rules, Legacies of Ruin may *not* be taken by ‘Daemon Engines (including Heldrakes, Lord of Skulls, Blood Slaughterers, Brass Scorpions etc) as well as any vehicle with Daemonic Posession vehicle upgrade or the Daemonic Resilience special rule’

Chaos Knights do not have ‘Daemonic Possession’ nor ‘Daemonic Resilience’ however, they are listed as being ‘a Daemon aligned with Khorne’. However, does this classify it as a ‘Daemon Engine’?

Based on the above, it looks like a Chaos Knight from Khorne Daemonkin is likely not able to take Legacies of Ruin, based on the following;

– Legacies explicitly state they are taken only on Codex: Chaos Space Marine vehicles
– Legacies may not be taken on Daemon Engines (however, a Chaos Knight with Daemon upgrade may or not be a ‘Daemon Engine’

What are your thoughts? Are they allowed to take them? Should they be allowed to take them? Or is it a cheesy WAAC powerplay that should never be allowed?

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