8th Edition Musings – a Guest Article

With information being released each day direct from Games Workshop regarding 8th edition, there has been a lot of excitement, complaining, speculation and concern. We asked our buddy Dean, from Blood for the Blood God, about his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi guys! Dean from Blog for The Blood God here, I wanted to share my theory on why 8th edition is going to be the biggest change the competitive 40k scene has experienced…

Without knowing 100% what rules are changing it is risky making such a bold statement, however what we do know is unlike previous editions, 8th edition has been vigorously playtested by not only GW but a number of kingpins within the community including Reecius from Frontline Gaming, the blokes behind some of the largest and most fiercely competitive tournaments on the 40k calander. As a result we can expect that some if not all of the gaping holes in the Warhammer 40k system will be plugged.

For me, one of the most obvious holes to be plugged is power levels, I am not talking about balance here, and while yes balance is very important for me it is not the biggest issue. When I say “power level” I am referring to the constant power creep we have seen from each codex/supplement release. Armies are getting bigger and more powerful to the point where both players are able to inflict crippling damage on their opponent before the poor soul even gets his/her first turn! There is no tactical back and forth as one person starts the game with such a significant disadvantage.

Speaking from personal experience, I run a Deathstar, and every time I win the roll off for T1 I win the game, but I have friends who run Tau armies who make the same claim, if they get T1 their riptide wing violates anything on the table. While some armies prefer going second statistics show 80% of games are won by the player who took First turn. (Frontline gaming did a study a while back)

To me the only answer to this is to nerf all those super powers! Its like a big brawl between factions but a couple people brought guns. Take away thier power level and the game works again.

Imagine playing a game where your opponent does not have the capacity to shoot you off the table turn 1, one where you cannot make impenetrable deathstars and one where you are forced to prioritise and use tactics to remove the right enemy units at the right time as opposed to simply raping your opponent and watching them limp and crawl towards inevitable defeat.

The less killing power in the game the more important the application of that power becomes, tactics and strategy become of higher value than list building and dice rolls for turn 1. I feel a lot of the best players rely heavily on having the strongest, most optimised list so they can inflict maximum damage while sustaining minimal in return, while this will always be true with those lists brought down to the same level as everything else we could see a return in the tactics used in games instead of the strategies used in list building

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What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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