AOS Intro, What’s New & What’s Coming!

A Quick Intro…

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s with immense excitement I announce that Menza Gaming will be covering AOS, putting out weekly content on Age of Sigmar and all things related to the mortal realms. Some of the content you can look forward to is Battletome reviews, Warscroll/List Reviews, Tournament Pre\Reviews, Battle Reports, Tactics, Hobby tips, what’s new and no doubt there will be more in there along the way. Also on top of all this you’ll find AOS related content spread through various other sources on such as podcast, videos, the picture gallery and also over on the Facebook page.

What’s New?

Battleforces, that’s what’s new. Awesome boxes. What I am going to do here Is give you a quick run down of each box and what you’ll see points wise, and also how much value is in each box in comparison to what they would be if each kit was purchased individually.

Khorne Bloodbound Slaughterstorm. 
Skarr Bloodwrath, 1 Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer, 3 Mighty Skullcrushers, 5 Wrathmongers, 10 Blood Warriors & 20 Bloodreavers.

This box comes to 860 points all up, so it would a great start for a Bloodbound and an even better boost to a current one.
The savings on this box comes to $202 Australian. Purchased individually you would be looking at $482 for this box.

Storm Cast Eternals Sigmar Vengeance. 

1 Celestant-Prime, 1 Knight-Azyros, 2 Dracothian Guard, 5 Paladins & 10 Liberators.
This box is 1120-1140. The Dracothian Guard can be made differently, although I am not sure if this would impact the battalion that would be in the box.
Individually priced this box comes to $582, giving you a saving of $302.


1 Megaboss, 1 Weirdnob Shaman, 3 Gore-Gruntas, 10 Brutes & 1 Aleguzzler Gargant.
This is 980 points, which is perfect for 1000 point games. Unfortunately the Gargant would cause you to lose the battleline status for match play but the Gargant can be swapped out for another squad of ‘Ardboyz or Brutes to make them a legal army.
The total for all of these models separate come to $508, the saving on this box is $228.


1 Drycha Hamadreth, 1 Treelord Ancient, 5 Spite-Revenants, 5 Tree-Revenants & 6 Kurnoth Hunters
This is another box that would set you up nicely to start an army with, they are 1140 points all up.
The price tag on these guys separate would $526, Saving you $246.
All 4 boxes are worth it, especially if you add a get started box to them and maybe 1 or 2 other things, you are looking at around the $500-600 mark for a 2000 point army.

What’s Coming?
Next up will be the ‘Weekly Warscroll’. To break the ice i will be going through the Ironjawz Warscrolls. What i have in my army, how they work together & also what command traits/Artifacts I think work well with them.
Then after that hopefully I will have the new ‘Spire of Dawn‘ box. I have my pre-order in so when I get my hands on that I will be doing a unboxing/mini-review of all the fun that comes in that.

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