Army Spotlight – Adrian’s Iron Warriors!

Hi Menzians! Today we take a closer look at Adrians Strath’s Iron Warriors. This army is absolutely huge! Even more impressive, this is just the stuff he runs for Horus Heresy games – he has plenty of more Iron Warriors for Warhammer 40k! Today we chat to Adrian about his army.

Adrian, your Iron Warriors army is very impressive. How long have you been collecting them?

About 5 or so years I think.

What first got you into Iron Warriors?

The thing that first got me into them was “Storm of Iron” by Graham McNeil. An amazing novel that really showed everyone how gritty and brutal this army is. And the fact they’re so methodical in the way they wage war. It showed how even though they’re Chaos, they don’t worship the Gods and only use deamons to feed their Daemon Engines. They care not for mutations and cut any off and do replace them with bionics. It also proved that they were closer in a way to the way the Imperial Guard go to war, massed body’s, huge armoured columns and lots of trench warfare.

Then there’s the painting aspects, at first people think “Yeah they’re just silver and dirty” and while true, it’s all the extra details that got me intrigued

I notice there’s heaps of conversions. Where do you find your inspiration from? What are some of the kits you’ve utilised?

Yeah, almost every Infantry model has some form of conversion. I try to use a multitude of kits, from HH MKIII armour, to some CSM bits, Sternguard bits for hands and heard etc. Lots of mech and Techmarine bits for servo arms and the like. Inspiration comes from artwork I see and other people’s armies, and from my own mind of what I think would look good. For example, my Head Warsmith Barbas Falk was me simply going “I bet these kits would work well together.” And they kind of did.

How do you go about tackling the paint scheme of the Iron Warriors?

Painting them has evolved a lot over the years. I used to spray black turn paint Leadbelcher and wash them with Nuln Oil then drybrush them back up and call the armour done. Now it’s easier I guess, but takes longer. I spray them with the Leadbelcher spray and use various washes and shades to get a transition of shades on the metal.

Then comes ALL the Hazard stripes, and this is the most grueling aspect of painting them. I’ve chosen that EVERY marine has to have them in a few places. Every gun has them, then I mix it up between individual units and marines. All the Infantry are done by hand, but I do use various sizes of tape for the vehicles. I then use black to break up the colour to help the eye wander to other areas. I use Blue as my Spot colour for lights and lenses to also break the palette up. This helps the palette to be very cold and menacing, which I prefer over the usual red. Finally there’s the extra details in the form of transfers for squad markings and weathering powders to help give them that extra oomph of detail and grit

How many points do you have all up? Do you have plans to expand the army further?

There’s about 7000 points displayed in the photos including all the characters.
I definitely have many more models to add to the army. I have a fair few more marines, dreads and tanks sitting unpainted at home. And now have a Mastodon on the way for Perturabo to ride in style. It seems to be the one army I have that I’ll continue to add to.


Very awesome. Thanks for sharing your army. Iron within, Iron without!


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