Australian 40k Masters Finalized!

Last weekend House of War hosted the traditional Australian 40k Masters event for the 2016 season and the final standings are in!

1st: Michael Hamilton
2nd: Josh Diffey
3rd: Jeremy Martino

Massive congratulations to our podiums and boy, did they earn some coin for their efforts!

It was an intense weekend with some of the biggest names across the Australian 40k scene competing for the prestige of being crowned champion. We saw some amazing list writing and technical game-play over the weekend, the atmosphere was the perfect blend of relaxed competitive: zing’s and laughs all around, but make no mistake, everyone was there to win! From redonkulous, 70+ model death stars to tightly engineered Alpha Striking Battle Companies, there was a plethora of challenges for those attending this weekend, and the results speak for themselves!

For a full breakdown of the rounds and scores, head on over to the Community Comp Terminal
A compilation of the Army Lists used over the weekend can be found here


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