Weekly Warscrolls – Blades of Khorne comparison

By now, You all will have seen all sorts of new things pop up in your favourite hobby-interweb-space to do with the Blades of Khorne, one of the latest releases from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar.
Well I figure now it’s time for me to dust off my Khorne daemons and take them for a blood-soaked romp through the realms to see what exactly has changed should you choose to switch from standard Chaos Allegiance to Blades of Khorne. While I’m writing this I’m using the spiffy new cards to help with units and the book open beside me on the important new details. These cards make everything so much easier!
I digress. I am imagining a great deal more blood with the Blades.

For this, the unit and battalion summaries will be kept brief and we’ll focus mostly on the allegiance abilities and “artefacts”. Let the skull taking commence!

Matched Play – 1500 points, Vanguard
Blood Host of Khorne 120
Skarbrand – 400
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthrister – 360
3x min units of bloodletters – 300
4x min units of Flesh Hounds – 400
1480 total.

Before we dive into units, I’d like to point out that the points have remained the same in both General’s Handbook and the Blades of Khorne Battletome.

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Weekly Warscrolls – Daemons of Nurgle

Feeling ill? Something gross caught at the back of your throat? Covered in gross weeping wounds?
Maybe you’ve been blessed by the generous Grandfather Nurgle. All he wants is for you to live and enjoy life, by making you deathly ill.

You could be one of his chosen, but his children – the Daemons of Nurgle are many and in this week’s warscroll we’re having a look at the Tallyband of Nurgle alongside the units that make up the battallion.
Shout out to Jarrod Brehaut for always being on us to cover Daemons of Nurgle. What a funky guy.

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Weekly Warscrolls – Monstrous Arcanum

Jumping straight into this Weekly Warscroll without an intro, ballsy.
This time, we’re going to take a look at a couple of the bigger, meaner things in the beastiary of Sigmar. These massive creatures can be found wandering the massive expanse of the Forgeworld and can be used in your games of Age of Sigmar.
This could go for a while, as there’s a lot of them… but we’re only gonna look at 3 of them at a time so let’s get right to it!

Skaarac the Bloodborn!

Favoured of Khorne eh? Well, I didn’t vote for him

Skaarac is HUGE!
I mean, just look at that size comparison! But it’s not just his physical size, he’s got a whopping 16 wounds as well.
He’s got a single shooting attack, which has an 8″ range that is less likely to wound the more he gets hurt. it does D6 damage though, so if it hits and wounds the damage is gonna be worth it. especially when used while he’s in the middle of a melee.
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Weekly Warscrolls – Lizardm…Seraphon

Another week, another warscroll.
This time around I’ll be going through my army I might be running at an upcoming tournament (not gonna say which, you’ll just have to find out!). I’ve run this as well as other lists for Seraphon only a couple times but let’s get into this awesome Seraphon force:

1500 points, Vanguard army set-up
Eternal Starhost:
– 1 Saurus Eternity Warden
– 3 units of Saurus Guard
Shadowstrike Starhost
– 1 Skink Priest
– 2 units of Chameleon Skinks
– 1 unit of Ripperdactyl Riders

Looks like a lot, and the amount of models in the skink and Guard units can certainly make it so.
I will quickly break down the warscrolls abilities followed by their battalion. Then tell you why I like to run these two together.

Remnants of the Old World, the Seraphon wage war against all who stand with Chaos

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Weekly Warscroll: Daemons of Chaos – Khorne

Welcome to the  next Weekly Warscroll!

Like Sven last week, I’m going to break down my 1000 point list of Khorne Daemons that I ran at ‘Ardfists 2016.
First up I’ll let you know what I ran, then we’ll break them down by the units:


Daemon Cohort of Khorne Battalion
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
3 units of min Bloodletters
1 unit of min Bloodcrushers

You’re basic choice, even outside a battalion, these Daemons are the core of any Khorne Daemons army without putting special units in to make other count as battle-line.
A 5+ save means it’s going to be hard to keep models around but so long as you take an Icon in the unit, there’s a chance you can recoup your losses. Continue reading

Ardfists 2016!

There was a great big Krumpin’ that happened on Saturday 19th Nov. Armies from all over the mortal realms came together and smashed heads, stole objectives and won major victories for their Grand Alliance.

Josh Sven’s Ardifsts tournament turned out to be a whopping great success! 24 players in the end had shown up ready to give their all for Victorias first competitive Age of Sigmar tournament. Held at Ringwood’s House of War, the players found themselves in a friendly atmosphere not knowing what the day may provide for them.

I, for one, was not expecting to do as well as I did (coming 7th overall) and securing a couple of early wins. For those of you playing at home, I’m not terribly good at winning games so this was fairly new territory for me. I won’t go into the details here… you can listen in on Ep2 of my podcast series Manic Menza for all the juicy bits.

Congratulations to the first podium finishers for Ardfists: Justin Shearer, Alex Palamara, and Michael Torrisi who placed first, second and third respectively. More applause please for Travis Cooper and his amazingly painted army of Chaos warriors who took out best painted. Check out the gallery to see pics of all the armies at play.

Can’t wait for the next Sigmar tourney!