How to win Best Painted/Player’s Choice

Hi guys, Jarrod here. I’m writing today to discuss some ways you can ensure you maximise your paint scores at your local gaming event, and possibly even take home a prize.

Many tournaments these days have “Best Painted”, “TO’s Choice” or “Player’s Choice” awards. Some tournaments even have certain overall tournament points allocated to Painting scores.

These obviously have the ability to affect your overall tournament score, meaning someone who’s great at the game, but has an unpainted army, can still lose the event to someone who’s pretty good at the game (or has some lucky games!) with a beautifully fully painted force.

Not everybody has the skill level to paint an entire army to a Golden Daemon standard, in fact most of us don’t, however the good news is, anybody at any skill level can do certain things to maximise the points they are given in any painting category, and increase their chances at winning Painting awards.

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8th Edition Musings – a Guest Article

With information being released each day direct from Games Workshop regarding 8th edition, there has been a lot of excitement, complaining, speculation and concern. We asked our buddy Dean, from Blood for the Blood God, about his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi guys! Dean from Blog for The Blood God here, I wanted to share my theory on why 8th edition is going to be the biggest change the competitive 40k scene has experienced…

Without knowing 100% what rules are changing it is risky making such a bold statement, however what we do know is unlike previous editions, 8th edition has been vigorously playtested by not only GW but a number of kingpins within the community including Reecius from Frontline Gaming, the blokes behind some of the largest and most fiercely competitive tournaments on the 40k calander. As a result we can expect that some if not all of the gaping holes in the Warhammer 40k system will be plugged.

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Breaking News! – 8th Edition Livestream Q&A

With the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 looming ever closer, there are a lot of questions from players. Pete Foley, head of the team behind the new edition, and Andy Smilie from the Warhammer Community team, held a live Q&A session. Here’s the main things you need to know!


Vehicles no longer have armor, they will have toughness and wounds much like monstrous creatures, Vehicles lose stats as they take damage, becoming slower, less accurate and easier to damage further.
This was something I was predicting to change. For a long time now, there has been a dependency with how some ‘vehicle type’ models rules worked., with regards to some walkers especially. Age of Sigmar seems to have a good system for high multiple wounds which could be applied to vehicles, and monsters in AoS become weaker as they lose wounds.
Could vehicles get damage results based on how many wounds they have lost? 3 wounds lost is a weapon destroyed, for example?

Everyone can hurt everyone based on strength VS toughness, no more Toughness 8 models being immune to strength 4 weapons and no more AV14 vehicles being immune to anything less than Strength 8.
This is an interesting change – no more wraithknights that can’t be damaged by small arms fire! It also means a boltgun can damage a land raider, I suspect this will be dealt with by a rule like boltguns only doing 1 damage, and meltas doing multiple damage. Maybe 3+D3 against vehicles?

Faster games are a focus with simplified rules that still offer tactical flexibility, between 1.5hrs and 2hrs for a full 1500pt game.

This can only be a good change. The game currently is very bloated, and from a tournament perspective, the community is consistently seeing games not reach a natural end. That being said, I know tournament players generally like to be very specific about how they play, more than a standard ‘at-home’ player might, so there will always be a deviation of time taken to play a game as things get tense in a competitive scene.

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Tactica Tuesday: Blood Angels ITC Tactica

This week for our Tactica Tuesday, we revisit a discussion from Janurary. On State of the Meta episode 09, Shawn and Jeremy discussed a Blood Angels list submitted by Matt Taverna for critique. Matt’s goal? To become the number 1 ranked Blood Angels player in the 2017 ITC season. You can find the episode here:

Jeremy promised to write up a list including his critiques, and finally, here it is. With no further ado, Jeremy’s thoughts are presented below.

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Cancon 2017 / ITC 2016 Championships Weekend Review

Cancon is a gaming convention held in Canberra, Australia run by Canberra Games Society. This year, Cancon 2017 was also host for the Championship for the Warhammer 40,000 Australian ITC* 2016 Season. On Thursday 26th January, most of the Menza Gaming team jammed into three cars, and started the journey from Melbourne to Canberra…

The road to Canberra lies ahead

Dean Sinnbeck (from Blog for the Blood God) and Duane Wood (from District : Terra) headed up in one car, taking terrain and tables for the event, Shawn Hollingsworth and Jeremy Martino travelled in another car along with Adam Camilleri, and lastly Matt Mororsoli and myself travelled in another car. The road trip is always part of the fun, although largely uneventful (apart from a flat tyre on our car on the way!)

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Rules Debate – Legacies of Ruin

Rules Debate – Legacies of Ruin

Hi, today I’m going to open a discussion about Legacies of Ruin, taken from IA13, and whether or not vehicles taken from other codices should be able to take these, in particular, whether a Legacy of Ruin can be taken on a Chaos Knight from Khorne Daemonkin. I would love to hear your input, but for now, let’s take a look at the facts, and make some conclusions based on what we find.

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The Assault on the Black Library 2017 PLAYER PACK LIVE!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Players Pack for The Assault 2017 is now Live!!

Hit the image below to go straight to the pack!

The Assault 2017 is the next chapter of the Black Crusade Narrative Tournament Series hosted by myself, Jarrod.

Black Crusade is an ongoing series of Warhammer 40,000 tournaments, in a narrative-driven style, with games and missions heavily themed.
Utilising big painting and composition scores for an ‘all rounder’ hobby experience!


If you’re keen to come along, sign up here:

Now that we have a date, I'm going to open up sign-ups. This will be a pinned thread.Sign up by commenting below, and…

Posted by Black Crusade – A Narrative Tournament Series on Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hope to see you there!