Breaking the Meta Episode 2: Building my Chaos List for ‘The Hunt’

Hey guys! Very excited to be bringing to you Episode 2 of ‘Breaking the Meta’.

In this episode I’ll be going through all my ideas and thought processes when constructing my army for ‘The Hunt’, an 1850 points Community Comp tournament being hosted at the House of War.

I will go through all my considerations when building an army, spending a bit of extra time discussing Plague Marines, a unit I feel is underrated in the local scene. Enjoy!

Breaking the Meta Episode 1

Hey guys, welcome to the first episode of ‘Breaking the Meta!’

In this episode I will discuss the fundamentals of building an army in 40k, or at least my take on it! Keep an eye out for future ‘Breaking the Meta’ episodes where various Menza members will give their insights into the gaming aspect of 40k — whether it be unit specific tacticas, army construction videos or tournament breakdowns.