LVO Top Table Review


Welcome to a special ‘LVO’ edition of #StateOfTheMeta featuring special guest Caine Marshall. In this episode the boys offer their analysis of the Las Vegas Open final game between Brett Perkins (Renegades) and Brandon Grant (Dark Angels).

Lists, deployment and in-game decisions are discussed in detail. Stay tuned for the next episode of #StateOfTheMeta which will offer a much broader overview of the event.

Australian 40k Masters Finalized!

Last weekend House of War hosted the traditional Australian 40k Masters event for the 2016 season and the final standings are in!

1st: Michael Hamilton
2nd: Josh Diffey
3rd: Jeremy Martino

Massive congratulations to our podiums and boy, did they earn some coin for their efforts!

It was an intense weekend with some of the biggest names across the Australian 40k scene competing for the prestige of being crowned champion. We saw some amazing list writing and technical game-play over the weekend, the atmosphere was the perfect blend of relaxed competitive: zing’s and laughs all around, but make no mistake, everyone was there to win! From redonkulous, 70+ model death stars to tightly engineered Alpha Striking Battle Companies, there was a plethora of challenges for those attending this weekend, and the results speak for themselves!

For a full breakdown of the rounds and scores, head on over to the Community Comp Terminal
A compilation of the Army Lists used over the weekend can be found here


PAX 2016 Gallery

A short compilation of pictures taken by various folks during the Penny Arcade Exhibition at the MCEC has just been uploaded to our media page. Feel free to take a squiz using the link below!

What an amazing weekend of sights and sounds! I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic group of people who did an incredible job generating a energetic and exciting atmosphere at the tables. Big shout out to everyone who contributed with models, terrain or just a spare set of hands over the weekend. I look forward to working alongside you again in 2017!

Shawn – Reya


Norris1000 Review and Menza Open List Writing Workshop

In this 3 part video series Jeremy and Shawn take a look at the recent Norris1000 event and do some list writing analysis.

Stay tuned as we go through a breakdown of the 1000pt lists we took to Norris1000 over the weekend and then reshape them into more refined, competitive 1350pt Menza Triboard Format lists for the upcoming Menza Open event.

3 weeks until the biggest event of 2016!*

Another big announcement regarding awards distributed for the hobby side of the Menza Open.
Don’t forget this event is just 3 weeks away, get those lists in ASAP folks, this is not an event you want to miss out on!
All Games-Workshop publications released before the list submission cut-off date (this weekend, Saturday the 15th October) will be allowed at the event, who’s grinding out those Genestealer Cultists ? 😉

*”Biggest” is a subjective term and open to interpretation, Menza Gaming will not be held responsible for a persons point of view regarding the size of something in comparison to something else in an incomparable, subjective context. =P

Menza Open Incoming!



With a little over 4 weeks until the Menza Open event, it’s time to get cracking with registrations! Don’t forget list are due in just 2 weeks! If you have any questions regarding the format or the event don’t hesitate to get in touch, the Menza Open is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest event’s this year!

The Menza Open Is Coming . . .


Massive announcement regarding the Menza Open!

The top 4 from the event will be playing off the following weekend for the title of Menza Open Champion. These final games will be recorded and uploaded so you can watch the glory unfold, even if you can’t make the dates!

Location to be advised.


Over the next few weeks you will notice a number of changes across the website as we continue to grow and adapt this resource to our needs. As we build up towards the Menza Open in October you will notice more frequent updates and a wealth of information become available for this pioneering event. Stay tuned for more 😉

PS. If you find something broken feel free to let us know at