Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Warscrolls, I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday breaks and are ready for a big year of Age of Sigmar awesomeness.
This weeks warscrolls will actually be the Battalions featured in the Spire of Dawn box set, the warscrolls for each of the units can be found on the Games Workshop webpage or the Age of Sigmar App. I won’t be going through each individual Warscroll from the box but I will be highlighting certain abilities from them to explain how the Battalion abilities work.

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Weekly Warscroll: Ironjawz

This is the very first Weekly Warscroll! A weekly write up on 2-4 warscrolls from the same faction and how they synergize together.
So to start this off I am going to go over what I use in my 1000 points Ironjawz army. I will be going through 4 individual warscrolls, how they work together, the battalion I run them in and what command traits/Artefacts I like to use on them.




Ironfist Batallion

Brutes x5

Brutes x5

Ardboys x20

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AOS Intro, What’s New & What’s Coming!

A Quick Intro…

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s with immense excitement I announce that Menza Gaming will be covering AOS, putting out weekly content on Age of Sigmar and all things related to the mortal realms. Some of the content you can look forward to is Battletome reviews, Warscroll/List Reviews, Tournament Pre\Reviews, Battle Reports, Tactics, Hobby tips, what’s new and no doubt there will be more in there along the way. Also on top of all this you’ll find AOS related content spread through various other sources on menzagaming.net such as podcast, videos, the picture gallery and also over on the Facebook page. Continue reading



Menza Gaming presents ARDFISTS! the first ITC ranked Age of Sigmar tournament down under!

Signups are now open for this inaugural event, more details available in the player pack. Keep an eye on the facebook event as more information becomes available closer to the event.