Breaking News! – 8th Edition Livestream Q&A

With the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 looming ever closer, there are a lot of questions from players. Pete Foley, head of the team behind the new edition, and Andy Smilie from the Warhammer Community team, held a live Q&A session. Here’s the main things you need to know!


Vehicles no longer have armor, they will have toughness and wounds much like monstrous creatures, Vehicles lose stats as they take damage, becoming slower, less accurate and easier to damage further.
This was something I was predicting to change. For a long time now, there has been a dependency with how some ‘vehicle type’ models rules worked., with regards to some walkers especially. Age of Sigmar seems to have a good system for high multiple wounds which could be applied to vehicles, and monsters in AoS become weaker as they lose wounds.
Could vehicles get damage results based on how many wounds they have lost? 3 wounds lost is a weapon destroyed, for example?

Everyone can hurt everyone based on strength VS toughness, no more Toughness 8 models being immune to strength 4 weapons and no more AV14 vehicles being immune to anything less than Strength 8.
This is an interesting change – no more wraithknights that can’t be damaged by small arms fire! It also means a boltgun can damage a land raider, I suspect this will be dealt with by a rule like boltguns only doing 1 damage, and meltas doing multiple damage. Maybe 3+D3 against vehicles?

Faster games are a focus with simplified rules that still offer tactical flexibility, between 1.5hrs and 2hrs for a full 1500pt game.

This can only be a good change. The game currently is very bloated, and from a tournament perspective, the community is consistently seeing games not reach a natural end. That being said, I know tournament players generally like to be very specific about how they play, more than a standard ‘at-home’ player might, so there will always be a deviation of time taken to play a game as things get tense in a competitive scene.

Must be battle forged in matched / narrative using one of the 14 different force org charts.
Command points are generated based on detachment and spent on abilities. The more restrictive the detachment the more command points available.
14 different force org charts is an exciting change. Command points seem to be maybe similar to the Hero Phase from AoS, but as I haven’t really played Aos (yet!) this could be completely wrong. From some of the more detailed information they gave, it seems like the amount of Command Points you have available depend on the size of the army, and also which army you are playing. They can be used for things such as stopping the opponent striking first in combat, even if they charged, adding more tactical gameplay elements.

Templates are gone and are replaced with shots that inflict multiple damage the same as Age of Sigmar.I personally see this as a great change, however it may heavily impact some armies (Renegades, looking at you!). I have discussed recently with other players how subjective templates can be (especially determining the angle of a scatter dice!) so a weapon simply doing 4 hits per gun instead, seems to be a much more consistent and quicker way of determining the damage output from these weapons.

There will be 5 allegiance books on launch day, containing all rules required for each faction / allegiance.
Very similar again to AoS. Should be interesting, but also potentially very low cost to get all the rules for the armies you current play, which is a great thing.

In the future Individual codexes will expand on command points and army wide rules creating diversify and adding flavour to armies.
Sounds good to me!

Revised points and balanced units with specific mention to the riptide, there will be an annually released update rulebook
Ala General’s Handbook. This one most people saw coming, but again the implications of annually revised rules are great – should be easy to tweak and balance the game, preventing one or two particular builds from dominating the scene for years on end.

Tournament guidelines included in core rules
Bring it on! This should be interesting, given Frontline Gaming’s role in assisting GW with the competitive angle of the game.

New rules for every current model, EVERY model.
No need to burn your armies kids! In all seriousness, there was some concern over armies being ‘Squat’ted. Rest assured, your models will have a place in the game.

2 different points systems, power level, focused on narrative games and points per model/weapon in matched play.

There will new factions released on launch

Monstrous Creatures take damage like vehicles and become less effective as they become wounded
We already covered this above in regards to how AoS works, but this will be the same in 40k going forward. I’m keen to see how a Bloodthirster works after being hurt (hopefully he gets madder!)

Stats no longer capped at 10
Interesting. I’m not sure if this is needed, but I guess if everything can hurt everything, maybe there needs to be a wider scale? The only thing I can see needing to be above 10 is attacks and/or wounds… maybe this will make way for Primarch-eque stat lines.

Weapons can inflict multiple damage like Age of Sigmar. This will be used to replace templates and allow weapons like Melta Guns to remove multiple wounds off vehicles.
As discussed above 🙂

Independent characters still exist however Deathstars are dead due to “keywords” which will disallow special rules from carrying over to units unless GW specifically want them to.
I imagine for example, the keywords ‘psyker’ and ‘Khorne’ will no longer be able to join – goodbye sweet Cabal star! This could be a good change, however I am a little bit concerned about Imperium deathstars…. they actually have a strong narrative reason to be mates. Let’s see how this works.

Huge focus on close combat being viable and “just as big as shooting”
It’s been an issue in recent times that combat felt kind of lacklustre compared to shooting. Not sure how this will be achieved but it sounds like a great change!

Significant story development over the coming years
We have already seen this starting, with things like the Wulfen campaign books, the Magnus campaign book, and the Gathering Storm. They specifically mentioned that Chaos are definitely the big threat to the galaxy… As we’ve already seen hints at Mortarion returning, this seems to be very big for the coming edition…

Codex Purchases within the last 8 weeks can be credited in vouchers
This is quite interesting, but I’m not exactly sure of the specifics. Does this mean, for all those players who love the art and the fluff, this is the perfect time to buy up all the books, and then be credited back for the investment to put towards new rules? …I’m considering it myself..


Anyway, that’s the new information, along with some thoughts of my own…

Bring on 8th Edition!


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