How to win Best Painted/Player’s Choice

Hi guys, Jarrod here. I’m writing today to discuss some ways you can ensure you maximise your paint scores at your local gaming event, and possibly even take home a prize.

Many tournaments these days have “Best Painted”, “TO’s Choice” or “Player’s Choice” awards. Some tournaments even have certain overall tournament points allocated to Painting scores.

These obviously have the ability to affect your overall tournament score, meaning someone who’s great at the game, but has an unpainted army, can still lose the event to someone who’s pretty good at the game (or has some lucky games!) with a beautifully fully painted force.

Not everybody has the skill level to paint an entire army to a Golden Daemon standard, in fact most of us don’t, however the good news is, anybody at any skill level can do certain things to maximise the points they are given in any painting category, and increase their chances at winning Painting awards.

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8th Edition Musings – a Guest Article

With information being released each day direct from Games Workshop regarding 8th edition, there has been a lot of excitement, complaining, speculation and concern. We asked our buddy Dean, from Blood for the Blood God, about his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

Hi guys! Dean from Blog for The Blood God here, I wanted to share my theory on why 8th edition is going to be the biggest change the competitive 40k scene has experienced…

Without knowing 100% what rules are changing it is risky making such a bold statement, however what we do know is unlike previous editions, 8th edition has been vigorously playtested by not only GW but a number of kingpins within the community including Reecius from Frontline Gaming, the blokes behind some of the largest and most fiercely competitive tournaments on the 40k calander. As a result we can expect that some if not all of the gaping holes in the Warhammer 40k system will be plugged.

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Weekly Warscrolls – Blades of Khorne comparison

By now, You all will have seen all sorts of new things pop up in your favourite hobby-interweb-space to do with the Blades of Khorne, one of the latest releases from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar.
Well I figure now it’s time for me to dust off my Khorne daemons and take them for a blood-soaked romp through the realms to see what exactly has changed should you choose to switch from standard Chaos Allegiance to Blades of Khorne. While I’m writing this I’m using the spiffy new cards to help with units and the book open beside me on the important new details. These cards make everything so much easier!
I digress. I am imagining a great deal more blood with the Blades.

For this, the unit and battalion summaries will be kept brief and we’ll focus mostly on the allegiance abilities and “artefacts”. Let the skull taking commence!

Matched Play – 1500 points, Vanguard
Blood Host of Khorne 120
Skarbrand – 400
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthrister – 360
3x min units of bloodletters – 300
4x min units of Flesh Hounds – 400
1480 total.

Before we dive into units, I’d like to point out that the points have remained the same in both General’s Handbook and the Blades of Khorne Battletome.

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Weekly Warscrolls – Monstrous Arcanum

Jumping straight into this Weekly Warscroll without an intro, ballsy.
This time, we’re going to take a look at a couple of the bigger, meaner things in the beastiary of Sigmar. These massive creatures can be found wandering the massive expanse of the Forgeworld and can be used in your games of Age of Sigmar.
This could go for a while, as there’s a lot of them… but we’re only gonna look at 3 of them at a time so let’s get right to it!

Skaarac the Bloodborn!

Favoured of Khorne eh? Well, I didn’t vote for him

Skaarac is HUGE!
I mean, just look at that size comparison! But it’s not just his physical size, he’s got a whopping 16 wounds as well.
He’s got a single shooting attack, which has an 8″ range that is less likely to wound the more he gets hurt. it does D6 damage though, so if it hits and wounds the damage is gonna be worth it. especially when used while he’s in the middle of a melee.
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Posted by Black Crusade – A Narrative Tournament Series on Sunday, February 19, 2017

LVO Top Table Review


Welcome to a special ‘LVO’ edition of #StateOfTheMeta featuring special guest Caine Marshall. In this episode the boys offer their analysis of the Las Vegas Open final game between Brett Perkins (Renegades) and Brandon Grant (Dark Angels).

Lists, deployment and in-game decisions are discussed in detail. Stay tuned for the next episode of #StateOfTheMeta which will offer a much broader overview of the event.

Cancon 2017 / ITC 2016 Championships Weekend Review

Cancon is a gaming convention held in Canberra, Australia run by Canberra Games Society. This year, Cancon 2017 was also host for the Championship for the Warhammer 40,000 Australian ITC* 2016 Season. On Thursday 26th January, most of the Menza Gaming team jammed into three cars, and started the journey from Melbourne to Canberra…

The road to Canberra lies ahead

Dean Sinnbeck (from Blog for the Blood God) and Duane Wood (from District : Terra) headed up in one car, taking terrain and tables for the event, Shawn Hollingsworth and Jeremy Martino travelled in another car along with Adam Camilleri, and lastly Matt Mororsoli and myself travelled in another car. The road trip is always part of the fun, although largely uneventful (apart from a flat tyre on our car on the way!)

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Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Warscrolls, I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday breaks and are ready for a big year of Age of Sigmar awesomeness.
This weeks warscrolls will actually be the Battalions featured in the Spire of Dawn box set, the warscrolls for each of the units can be found on the Games Workshop webpage or the Age of Sigmar App. I won’t be going through each individual Warscroll from the box but I will be highlighting certain abilities from them to explain how the Battalion abilities work.

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Australian 40k Masters Finalized!

Last weekend House of War hosted the traditional Australian 40k Masters event for the 2016 season and the final standings are in!

1st: Michael Hamilton
2nd: Josh Diffey
3rd: Jeremy Martino

Massive congratulations to our podiums and boy, did they earn some coin for their efforts!

It was an intense weekend with some of the biggest names across the Australian 40k scene competing for the prestige of being crowned champion. We saw some amazing list writing and technical game-play over the weekend, the atmosphere was the perfect blend of relaxed competitive: zing’s and laughs all around, but make no mistake, everyone was there to win! From redonkulous, 70+ model death stars to tightly engineered Alpha Striking Battle Companies, there was a plethora of challenges for those attending this weekend, and the results speak for themselves!

For a full breakdown of the rounds and scores, head on over to the Community Comp Terminal
A compilation of the Army Lists used over the weekend can be found here


Weekly Warscroll: Daemons of Chaos – Khorne

Welcome to the  next Weekly Warscroll!

Like Sven last week, I’m going to break down my 1000 point list of Khorne Daemons that I ran at ‘Ardfists 2016.
First up I’ll let you know what I ran, then we’ll break them down by the units:


Daemon Cohort of Khorne Battalion
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
3 units of min Bloodletters
1 unit of min Bloodcrushers

You’re basic choice, even outside a battalion, these Daemons are the core of any Khorne Daemons army without putting special units in to make other count as battle-line.
A 5+ save means it’s going to be hard to keep models around but so long as you take an Icon in the unit, there’s a chance you can recoup your losses. Continue reading