The making of Tundra

I am bringing forward today an article in which I go through in detail the techniques and applications of them that resulted in Tundra.

Designed to be a snow board, the place of ancient battles between races but now nothing is left but a Space Marine Rhino, a relic of sorts and visage of the brutality of war.

I have been wanting to do an ice/snow board for a while, as the concept comes out quite well and can provide simple terrain that also looks striking with the ability to further the depth through detailing, I found it too tempting and also fell into what Menza Gaming was wanting to bring to PAX2016 for a board to host a 4player free-for-all battle we planned.

Finished board took around two weeks of constant nightly work to finish, but with new knowledge comes new techniques and experience lends itself to cutting down construction time.

Simply put, the more you build, the better you get at it and quicker.

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Weekly Warscroll: Ironjawz

This is the very first Weekly Warscroll! A weekly write up on 2-4 warscrolls from the same faction and how they synergize together.
So to start this off I am going to go over what I use in my 1000 points Ironjawz army. I will be going through 4 individual warscrolls, how they work together, the battalion I run them in and what command traits/Artefacts I like to use on them.




Ironfist Batallion

Brutes x5

Brutes x5

Ardboys x20

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AOS Intro, What’s New & What’s Coming!

A Quick Intro…

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s with immense excitement I announce that Menza Gaming will be covering AOS, putting out weekly content on Age of Sigmar and all things related to the mortal realms. Some of the content you can look forward to is Battletome reviews, Warscroll/List Reviews, Tournament Pre\Reviews, Battle Reports, Tactics, Hobby tips, what’s new and no doubt there will be more in there along the way. Also on top of all this you’ll find AOS related content spread through various other sources on such as podcast, videos, the picture gallery and also over on the Facebook page. Continue reading

Ardfists 2016!

There was a great big Krumpin’ that happened on Saturday 19th Nov. Armies from all over the mortal realms came together and smashed heads, stole objectives and won major victories for their Grand Alliance.

Josh Sven’s Ardifsts tournament turned out to be a whopping great success! 24 players in the end had shown up ready to give their all for Victorias first competitive Age of Sigmar tournament. Held at Ringwood’s House of War, the players found themselves in a friendly atmosphere not knowing what the day may provide for them.

I, for one, was not expecting to do as well as I did (coming 7th overall) and securing a couple of early wins. For those of you playing at home, I’m not terribly good at winning games so this was fairly new territory for me. I won’t go into the details here… you can listen in on Ep2 of my podcast series Manic Menza for all the juicy bits.

Congratulations to the first podium finishers for Ardfists: Justin Shearer, Alex Palamara, and Michael Torrisi who placed first, second and third respectively. More applause please for Travis Cooper and his amazingly painted army of Chaos warriors who took out best painted. Check out the gallery to see pics of all the armies at play.

Can’t wait for the next Sigmar tourney!



PAX 2016 Gallery

A short compilation of pictures taken by various folks during the Penny Arcade Exhibition at the MCEC has just been uploaded to our media page. Feel free to take a squiz using the link below!

What an amazing weekend of sights and sounds! I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic group of people who did an incredible job generating a energetic and exciting atmosphere at the tables. Big shout out to everyone who contributed with models, terrain or just a spare set of hands over the weekend. I look forward to working alongside you again in 2017!

Shawn – Reya


Norris1000 Review and Menza Open List Writing Workshop

In this 3 part video series Jeremy and Shawn take a look at the recent Norris1000 event and do some list writing analysis.

Stay tuned as we go through a breakdown of the 1000pt lists we took to Norris1000 over the weekend and then reshape them into more refined, competitive 1350pt Menza Triboard Format lists for the upcoming Menza Open event.

3 weeks until the biggest event of 2016!*

Another big announcement regarding awards distributed for the hobby side of the Menza Open.
Don’t forget this event is just 3 weeks away, get those lists in ASAP folks, this is not an event you want to miss out on!
All Games-Workshop publications released before the list submission cut-off date (this weekend, Saturday the 15th October) will be allowed at the event, who’s grinding out those Genestealer Cultists ? 😉

*”Biggest” is a subjective term and open to interpretation, Menza Gaming will not be held responsible for a persons point of view regarding the size of something in comparison to something else in an incomparable, subjective context. =P

Menza Open Incoming!



With a little over 4 weeks until the Menza Open event, it’s time to get cracking with registrations! Don’t forget list are due in just 2 weeks! If you have any questions regarding the format or the event don’t hesitate to get in touch, the Menza Open is quickly shaping up to be one of the biggest event’s this year!



Menza Gaming presents ARDFISTS! the first ITC ranked Age of Sigmar tournament down under!

Signups are now open for this inaugural event, more details available in the player pack. Keep an eye on the facebook event as more information becomes available closer to the event.