The Menza Open Is Coming . . .


Massive announcement regarding the Menza Open!

The top 4 from the event will be playing off the following weekend for the title of Menza Open Champion. These final games will be recorded and uploaded so you can watch the glory unfold, even if you can’t make the dates!

Location to be advised.


Over the next few weeks you will notice a number of changes across the website as we continue to grow and adapt this resource to our needs. As we build up towards the Menza Open in October you will notice more frequent updates and a wealth of information become available for this pioneering event. Stay tuned for more 😉

PS. If you find something broken feel free to let us know at

Battle Reports!!

Long overdue, battle reports are finally here! In this inaugural episode we watch Josh Sven’s greenskin horde take on Shawn’s Grey Knights with Tau allies. This list was first seen at Terracon 2016 and went 4/5, stopped only by second place overall and best general, Ty Swan.

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Menza Masquerade Tournament reviews continued …

… And here it is, the final parts 3 and 4 of the Menza Masquerade review. Once again, massive shout out to all the attendees who made the day such a phenomenal success! If you’re enjoying our vids or have any suggestions or ideas on something you’d like to see, feel free to drop us a line on our facebook page. We look forward to seeing you all at the Eastern Combine! =D