Weekly Warscrolls – Daemons of Nurgle

Feeling ill? Something gross caught at the back of your throat? Covered in gross weeping wounds?
Maybe you’ve been blessed by the generous Grandfather Nurgle. All he wants is for you to live and enjoy life, by making you deathly ill.

You could be one of his chosen, but his children – the Daemons of Nurgle are many and in this week’s warscroll we’re having a look at the Tallyband of Nurgle alongside the units that make up the battallion.
Shout out to Jarrod Brehaut for always being on us to cover Daemons of Nurgle. What a funky guy.

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Weekly Warscrolls – Lizardm…Seraphon

Another week, another warscroll.
This time around I’ll be going through my army I might be running at an upcoming tournament (not gonna say which, you’ll just have to find out!). I’ve run this as well as other lists for Seraphon only a couple times but let’s get into this awesome Seraphon force:

1500 points, Vanguard army set-up
Eternal Starhost:
– 1 Saurus Eternity Warden
– 3 units of Saurus Guard
Shadowstrike Starhost
– 1 Skink Priest
– 2 units of Chameleon Skinks
– 1 unit of Ripperdactyl Riders

Looks like a lot, and the amount of models in the skink and Guard units can certainly make it so.
I will quickly break down the warscrolls abilities followed by their battalion. Then tell you why I like to run these two together.

Remnants of the Old World, the Seraphon wage war against all who stand with Chaos

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AOS Intro, What’s New & What’s Coming!

A Quick Intro…

Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s with immense excitement I announce that Menza Gaming will be covering AOS, putting out weekly content on Age of Sigmar and all things related to the mortal realms. Some of the content you can look forward to is Battletome reviews, Warscroll/List Reviews, Tournament Pre\Reviews, Battle Reports, Tactics, Hobby tips, what’s new and no doubt there will be more in there along the way. Also on top of all this you’ll find AOS related content spread through various other sources on menzagaming.net such as podcast, videos, the picture gallery and also over on the Facebook page. Continue reading

Breaking the Meta Episode 2: Building my Chaos List for ‘The Hunt’

Hey guys! Very excited to be bringing to you Episode 2 of ‘Breaking the Meta’.

In this episode I’ll be going through all my ideas and thought processes when constructing my army for ‘The Hunt’, an 1850 points Community Comp tournament being hosted at the House of War.

I will go through all my considerations when building an army, spending a bit of extra time discussing Plague Marines, a unit I feel is underrated in the local scene. Enjoy!

Breaking the Meta Episode 1

Hey guys, welcome to the first episode of ‘Breaking the Meta!’

In this episode I will discuss the fundamentals of building an army in 40k, or at least my take on it! Keep an eye out for future ‘Breaking the Meta’ episodes where various Menza members will give their insights into the gaming aspect of 40k — whether it be unit specific tacticas, army construction videos or tournament breakdowns.