How to win Best Painted/Player’s Choice

Hi guys, Jarrod here. I’m writing today to discuss some ways you can ensure you maximise your paint scores at your local gaming event, and possibly even take home a prize.

Many tournaments these days have “Best Painted”, “TO’s Choice” or “Player’s Choice” awards. Some tournaments even have certain overall tournament points allocated to Painting scores.

These obviously have the ability to affect your overall tournament score, meaning someone who’s great at the game, but has an unpainted army, can still lose the event to someone who’s pretty good at the game (or has some lucky games!) with a beautifully fully painted force.

Not everybody has the skill level to paint an entire army to a Golden Daemon standard, in fact most of us don’t, however the good news is, anybody at any skill level can do certain things to maximise the points they are given in any painting category, and increase their chances at winning Painting awards.

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