Enter the Painter

Hey guys and girls, Caine here from Menza Gaming

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the Menza painting corner. We have recently undergone some changes and have started to branch out into all aspects of the wargaming hobby.

Quick pic of my Grey Knights

Using the experience I have acquired over the last fifteen plus years, and that of the rest of the Menza Gaming team, I aim to bring you the very best in painting, conversions, tutorials, WiPs as well as many more hobby related articles.

We will also be  keeping my eye out for anything everything  we find super useful, whether it’s a stand-out article that deserves recognition or stuff Menza gaming has produced; these will be everything from the painting and modelling side of the hobby.

My Tau at Terracon 2016

So we at Menza Gaming would love to help our viewers and followers and anyone else out there grow and develop their hobby in any way we can. This is one step in that direction for us to help you.

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