Menza Triboard Format

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The Menza Triboard Format is a list writing system that incorporates tried and true, in-built balancing mechanics. By giving players more flexibility with less models on the board, games will be faster paced and more dynamic than your standard 1850 grind that has become the staple of today’s meta game. The system is basic in concept but will take time and practice to truly master, it focuses on the concept of ‘sideboarding’, a method of balancing that is prevalent in many other table-top formats.

When writing a list, a player builds a Core List that is then supplemented by 3 sideboards, small additions to their Core List that help to reinforce weaknesses or perhaps even exploit an opponent’s vulnerabilities. This effectively creates 3 different lists, all of which are slight variations of a player’s army. The combined Core List and sideboards are then submitted as the player’s army list. At the beginning of each round players will select one of their sideboards to help them in the coming battle, and the game is then played as normal.

List Selection
Immediately after pairings, each player exchanges their complete army list with their opponent. After review, each player then secretly selects one sideboard before revealing it, simultaneously. The chosen sideboard is then added to the player’s Core List and the game continues as usual, beginning with pre-game rolls such as warlord traits, etcetera.

Armies must be Battle Forged. No detachment can include models that are Come the Apocalypse with other detachments in the army.

  • Core List – 1000 points total.
    This list must be a valid, legal, Battle-Forged army of up to 2 detachments, one of which must be your Primary Detachment.
  • Sideboards – 350 points each.
    Each sideboard in your list may contain up to 1 detachment each. It may also include additional units for your Primary Detachment. Any units added to your Primary Detachment must be new units. Each sideboard must clearly be labelled A, B or C. Your total combined list will be no more than 2050 points.
  • If you choose to use a list with only 1 sideboard (effectively 1 list), you may choose to either re-roll the dice to Seize the Initiative OR your warlord receives an additional Warlord Trait. This choice must be noted on your Army List. If your warlord trait is fixed, you may generate an additional warlord trait from any tree that codex is eligible to.

Once the sideboards have been chosen, they cannot be changed. Any attempts to abuse or undermine the integrity of the selection process should be raised with the TO immediately.

Menza Triboard Format is an overlay designed to work at any points level and alongside any format. You should have no problems implementing it with any FAQ, be it ANZFAQ, ITC, ETC or even vanilla Games Workshop FAQ’s. When playing larger or smaller games, we recommend the following points adjustments:

For games of 750 or less points

  • Core List – 500
  • Sideboards – 250 or less each

For games of 1000 points

  • Core List – 700
  • Sideboards – 300 each

For games of 1500 points

  • Core List – 1100
  • Sideboards – 400 each

For games of 1850 points

  • Core list – 1350
  • Sideboards – 500 points each

When playing games above 1850, we recommend continuing side boards at the 500 points mark until 2500 points, after that we recommend no more than 20% of the total points value be interchangeable with sideboards.


Frequent Questions and Answers:

  1. Q. Can my sideboard include additional wargear options for units in my Core List?
    A. No, only new units may be included in a sideboard.
  2. Q. Can my Warlord be included in my sideboard?
    A. No. In order to create a legal, battle-forged Core List, the Warlord must be chosen from a model in your Core List.
  3. Q. I want to use this format in a casual Community Comp game, how with this interact?
    A. Menza Triboard Format is a framework that has been designed to work with any iteration of Warhammer 40k you choose to play. Community Comp can be slightly more complex due to the costings, but we recommend you calculate your Comp Score by finding which of your 3 available sideboards costs the most credits, and using that as your Comp Score.
  4. Q. Can I choose the additional warlord trait if I only have 1 sideboard?
    A. No, the warlord trait must be generated randomly from any eligible warlord tree. Duplicates may be re-rolled.
  5. Q. How does the ITC, ETC and ANZFAQ interact with MTF?
    A. The Menza Triboard Format is a framework designed as an overlay for any existing system. There should be no conflicts or discrepancies when using the MTF with any of the existing FAQ’s, including Games-Workshop FAQ’s.
  6. Q. If my Core List is short points, say 996, can my sideboard have 354 points?
    A. No. Sideboards are 350 points maximum, any points left over from your Core List or sideboards are lost.
  7. Q. The font in the tutorial is different to the font in my version, am I using an out-dated version?
    A. The MTF template was made using the Squarefont font, which can be downloaded here. Unfortunately excel doesn’t export fonts like a Word document does and thus it must be installed by the end user.
  8. Q. Do I get a bonus for using only two sideboards?
    A. No, if you want a bonus for ‘playing down’ you can only have 1 sideboard.
  9. Q. Can one of my sideboards include additional drones for a unit in my Core List?
    A. No. Wargear options and additional models may not be added to units in the Core List through a sideboard, only new units can be added.
  10. Q. Can I include a a transport upgrade for my Primary Detachment in a sideboard?
    A. A transport selected as its own unit entry may be taken, for example, as a Fast Attack option in a Combined Arms Detachment. A transports selected as a dedicated transport as part of a unit upgrade may not be taken. Only new units may be added to the Core List using a sideboard.
  11. Q. If I opt to use only a single sideboard, can my army contain a single detachment/formation with a total cost of 1350 points?
    A. No, you must break to detachment/formation into a 1000 Core List and then supplement using your available 350 point sideboard. Don’t forget you can choose to simply add valid units to a Combined Arms Detachment, for example.
  12. Q. Can my sideboard add a formation to my primary detachment?
    A. Yes.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Menza Triboard Format or the template itself, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our facebook page or you can email us here.

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