Manic Menza E3 – Traitorous Heresy

WOW! What a massive, hobby-filled couple of weeks guys!

This ep I go through the lead up to, albeit briefly, and release of the new Thousand Sons range thanks to Warzone Fenris; the next chapter in the new campaign brought to us by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000. This stuff is huge for new players and jaw-dropping for the old guard so hopefully everyone gets a kick out of the new Psychic power in the 40k ‘verse.

There’s stuff in here for you Horus Heresy players as well. Nothing new unfortunately, thankfully though, my next ep will fix that for you so stay tuned.

In saying that though I am unveiling my very first foray into the running of a hobby event today! Check out Legions at War on Facebook, this will be an ongoing series of Horus Heresy events thats tracks the Heresy from its small beginnings to its epic conclusion (and beyond!). The first Chapter will be announced later this week, so keep an eye on your augurs.

Thoughts on things I could cover for another Ep? Suggestions on how I could improve? Wanna tell me to SAD? Well now you can email me:

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