Manic Menza E4 Heretical Mania

Welcome back everyone!
Traitor Legions dropped over the last couple of weeks and all of us here at Menza HQ are going mental over the new traitor stuff both for meta and narrative reasons!

I’m sitting with Adrian this week and we discuss the new stuff, what we wanted for Chaos to have prior to now and of course discuss our love for the Horus Heresy game from Forgeworld.

If you’re wanting to get in on the Horus Heresy scene, or try some competitive 40k play that focuses more on the narrative check out all these guys out!

There’s Legions at War which is just starting out.
ACT of Heresy which is on its second major event in January. All places are booked but have a look at what they’ve got going.
The Echorix Campaign, which is getting a fresh beginning for 2017 with a 400 point tactical battle event in Jan!
and of course, Menza’s own Jarrod is getting a narrative tournament series up and running aptly named Black Crusade – a narrative tournament series
For those looking to have some rad models painted up, check out Ade’s commision painting page Ironwolf Painting

Come back in two weeks time, as the Heresy train hasn’t left the station yet!

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