Manic Menza E5 – 2017 here we go

Hey guys,

I’m back with a couple other Menzans you may have seen or heard around the traps, we discuss what we each got up to and what we’re looking forward to doing in 2016 and ’17 respectively.
It being recorded at a new years party, the recording may be a bit iffy from time to time. Plus our tongues are a bit free here so warning for some coarse language will be heard.

2016 was a decent year in terms of hobby, but 2017 promises to be HUGE for all of us here at Menza, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the website here to keep up to date.

Come back in a fortnights time where we get back onto the Heresy train!

Music – Electroswing Revival – Artist: Gee|Royalty free music – Composer Cloud

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