MANIC MENZA E6 – Caught in the ACT

Welcome back all!

This Ep I decided to record my working through my final list for ACT of Heresy 2. I go through what I want out of my lists every time I write them plus breakdown some of the units in an pseudo-state-of-the-meta way.
I can’t wait for ACT of Heresy to kick off next weekend, and I can almost guarantee there’s gonna be tonnes of hobby to talk about after it as well as Cancon is happening not that far away from ACT of Heresy.

Huge shout out to Andrew Hollis who has put together what promises to be an amazing event. If you haven’t seen anything to do with ACT of Heresy, you should check out the page when you get the chance.

Come back in a fortnights time for more hobby goodness. Can’t say what’s coming up, that’s all up to the winds of chaos to be honest.

Music – Electroswing Revival – Artist: Gee|Royalty free music – Composer Cloud

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