Manic Menza E8 – State of the Meta

Aaaaand I’m back!

Been a while sorry folks, but I’m back now with a brand new ep of Manic Menza.
This ep I sit with the boys from State of the Meta and talk to them about their “humble” origins and what brought them into such competitive play styles for Warhammer 40,000.

There’s a bit of background noise as an impromptu hobby session for the whole of Menza Gaming happened the night we recorded.

Hope you find this as insightful as I did…what’d you think of Jez’ little project I gave him?
Don’t forget to check out State of the Meta’s own podcast when you get the chance guys, some real keen content coming from those fellas.

After some suggestions and all round feedback, it’s become apparent that a solo cast isn’t the easiest to listen to… what do you all think? would you guys rather I have someone on with me every episode? or is it ok to have a solo show every once in a while?

Music – Electroswing Revival – Artist: Gee|Royalty free music – Composer Cloud

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