State of the Meta – Episode 008

Hey guys, welcome to episode 8 of State of the Meta. In this week’s jam packed(!) episode the boys interview Scott Devall, TO of the upcoming CANCON 2017 ITC championship event. Jeremy and Shawn pick Scott’s brain about some of the main issues pertaining to this year’s event and obtain some TO specific rulings.

The second half of the podcast is an in-depth Blood Angels tactica, looking at all things ‘Blood Angels’, especially in the ITC competitive scene. This tactica was a special request from the Hoarder’s very own Miro Bellini – so please send us your requests if you would like us to do a similar tactica for your own favourite army! Lastly, it’s worth nothing that Scott’s servo skull ruling has been clarified by the ITC interim ruling made yesterday. Furthermore, Saint Celestine has also received new (and spectacular) changes since the boy’s discussion of ‘hit and run’ enablers (in the discussion about Dante). 40k is moving very fast at the moment!

Hope you enjoy!

(Soundtracks: Orgy – You Spin Me Right Round, The Offspring – Staring at the Sun)

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