State of the Meta – Episode 009

A slightly shorter episode this week as we prepare for the upcoming Cancon event in Canberra. Whilst the duration may be a relief for some, it’s still packed with awesome tactica as Shawn and Jeremy do another in-depth analysis of Blood Angels – this week from the perspective of a list submitted by one of our listeners, Matthew Taverna. Thanks for the awesome submission Matt, we hope our suggestions prove useful on your journey to No.1 ITC ranked BA player in 2017!

To round out the episode we have a look at some of the rumors filtering through regarding the Gathering Storm campaign. We recently got a sneak peak of the rules for the three new heroes of the Imperium, and let me tell you, with statline’s like these, they may just stop Horus at the gates single-handedly!

Stay tuned next week for more tactica and theorycrafting, and as always, if you have any suggestions or requests, we’d love to hear from you!

(Soundtracks: A Perfect Circle – Believe)

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