sotm-podcastMenza Gaming’s own weekly podcast. In this series we cover list writing, predict shifts and discuss the movers and shakers in the competitive tournament scene as well as new releases.

Brought to you by Jeremy Martino and Shawn Hollingsworth.



Brae’s podcast is just like his hobby: manic and many things going on at once. In his series he’ll be discussing all things warhammer and hobby related incl. events, game series discussion and things that tickle his hobby bone.

Brought to you by Braeden Russell.


Cruising Speed is a brief monologue where i discuss anything from new releases and tournament reviews to tactics and battle reports while driving to and from work and events.

Brought to you by Dean Sinnbeck

The Triumph Table is a new podcast aimed at discussing all news, events, and hobby for the Age of Sigmar – Game’s Workshop’s fantasy tabletop wargame.

Brought to you by Braeden Russell and Josh Sven

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