Manic Menza E8 – State of the Meta

Aaaaand I’m back!

Been a while sorry folks, but I’m back now with a brand new ep of Manic Menza.
This ep I sit with the boys from State of the Meta and talk to them about their “humble” origins and what brought them into such competitive play styles for Warhammer 40,000.

There’s a bit of background noise as an impromptu hobby session for the whole of Menza Gaming happened the night we recorded.

Hope you find this as insightful as I did…what’d you think of Jez’ little project I gave him?
Don’t forget to check out State of the Meta’s own podcast when you get the chance guys, some real keen content coming from those fellas.

After some suggestions and all round feedback, it’s become apparent that a solo cast isn’t the easiest to listen to… what do you all think? would you guys rather I have someone on with me every episode? or is it ok to have a solo show every once in a while?

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Manic Menza E7 – The Commissions District

Hey all,

Apologies for the absence last week, things were a touch busy but I’m back now with a new Manic Menza ep and with me is Duane from District : Terra.
This episode I ask Duane about how he went about getting to where he is now with the commission terrain service he provides with District : Terra. We go through it’s inception all the way to some handy tips for those who may want to branch out and do something with their hobby as a means of work.

I’ll see you all in a fortnights time for more Manic talks

Have any feedback? I’d love to hear it. Send us a message on Facebook, happy to take on any suggestions on how to improve the podcast.

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MANIC MENZA E6 – Caught in the ACT

Welcome back all!

This Ep I decided to record my working through my final list for ACT of Heresy 2. I go through what I want out of my lists every time I write them plus breakdown some of the units in an pseudo-state-of-the-meta way.
I can’t wait for ACT of Heresy to kick off next weekend, and I can almost guarantee there’s gonna be tonnes of hobby to talk about after it as well as Cancon is happening not that far away from ACT of Heresy.

Huge shout out to Andrew Hollis who has put together what promises to be an amazing event. If you haven’t seen anything to do with ACT of Heresy, you should check out the page when you get the chance.

Come back in a fortnights time for more hobby goodness. Can’t say what’s coming up, that’s all up to the winds of chaos to be honest.

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Manic Menza E5 – 2017 here we go

Hey guys,

I’m back with a couple other Menzans you may have seen or heard around the traps, we discuss what we each got up to and what we’re looking forward to doing in 2016 and ’17 respectively.
It being recorded at a new years party, the recording may be a bit iffy from time to time. Plus our tongues are a bit free here so warning for some coarse language will be heard.

2016 was a decent year in terms of hobby, but 2017 promises to be HUGE for all of us here at Menza, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the website here to keep up to date.

Come back in a fortnights time where we get back onto the Heresy train!

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Manic Menza E4 Heretical Mania

Welcome back everyone!
Traitor Legions dropped over the last couple of weeks and all of us here at Menza HQ are going mental over the new traitor stuff both for meta and narrative reasons!

I’m sitting with Adrian this week and we discuss the new stuff, what we wanted for Chaos to have prior to now and of course discuss our love for the Horus Heresy game from Forgeworld.

If you’re wanting to get in on the Horus Heresy scene, or try some competitive 40k play that focuses more on the narrative check out all these guys out!

There’s Legions at War which is just starting out.
ACT of Heresy which is on its second major event in January. All places are booked but have a look at what they’ve got going.
The Echorix Campaign, which is getting a fresh beginning for 2017 with a 400 point tactical battle event in Jan!
and of course, Menza’s own Jarrod is getting a narrative tournament series up and running aptly named Black Crusade – a narrative tournament series
For those looking to have some rad models painted up, check out Ade’s commision painting page Ironwolf Painting

Come back in two weeks time, as the Heresy train hasn’t left the station yet!

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Manic Menza E3 – Traitorous Heresy

WOW! What a massive, hobby-filled couple of weeks guys!

This ep I go through the lead up to, albeit briefly, and release of the new Thousand Sons range thanks to Warzone Fenris; the next chapter in the new campaign brought to us by Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000. This stuff is huge for new players and jaw-dropping for the old guard so hopefully everyone gets a kick out of the new Psychic power in the 40k ‘verse.

There’s stuff in here for you Horus Heresy players as well. Nothing new unfortunately, thankfully though, my next ep will fix that for you so stay tuned.

In saying that though I am unveiling my very first foray into the running of a hobby event today! Check out Legions at War on Facebook, this will be an ongoing series of Horus Heresy events thats tracks the Heresy from its small beginnings to its epic conclusion (and beyond!). The first Chapter will be announced later this week, so keep an eye on your augurs.

Thoughts on things I could cover for another Ep? Suggestions on how I could improve? Wanna tell me to SAD? Well now you can email me:

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Manic Menza E2 – ‘Ardfists 2016

So Ardfists just happened this past Saturday and it was a big hit! Just the way them Orruks like it.

This ep; I interview my opponents and talk with fellow Menzan Josh Sven, who organised the event. Lots of rad stuff over all, some really nice armies, shown here are the prize winner armies. More photos here.

Don’t forget, if you want to attend the upcoming Australian Age of Sigmar Championships being held at cancon in January make sure you get your ticket. It’s being run by the crew that came from Queensland just to play at ‘Ardfists

The event page can be found on Facebook and on the Heralds of War web page.


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The Menza Open

Hey all,

Brae here bringing you the first of, hopefully, many podcasts to come. In this debut ep, devoid of any form of rational order, we discuss the Menza Open with our fellow Menza Gaming members and see how it went for us all.
Tl:dr – I came dead last.

Watch this space for our first official Ep in our Brand new series Manic Menza where I’ll be discussing the upcoming Age of Sigmar tournament Ardfists with other members of Menza