State of the Meta – Episode 017

8th Edition is upon us!

In the latest episode Shawn and Jeremy discuss some of the more prominent changes that they have observed throughout the 8th ed leaks. Topics of conversation include Army Construction, Command Points, Deep Strike and Characters/Auras. Also discussed is the strategy of synchronizing defensive profiles through the saturation of mono or multi-wound models.

Before all of this however, there are a few last hurrahs of 7th edition to be had, one of which is the upcoming Terracon event in Naracoorte, SA. This is a staple event in the Australian calendar and a tournament year would not be complete without a road trip to the hinterlands. Catch the boys next week when we report back on the ensuing shenanigans of our final 7th edition event and delve deeper into the mysteries of 8th edition.


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State of the Meta – Episode 016

This week Jeremy and Shawn are joined by special guest Jarrod Brehaut, TO of the upcoming Assault on the Black Library event. The lads talk briefly about their plans for the event and then move on to an in depth look at how and why ‘The Assault’ is running and Jarrod gives a fresh and insightful perspective on the various elements at play. We then wind up the episode by putting some more of the 8th edition changes under the microscope and once again Jarrod offers some chipper insight.

Thanks for tuning in and as always, don’t forget to spread the word of the Meta.

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State of the Meta – Episode 015

In this week of State of the Meta, the boys discuss the first Warhammer Community livestream about the upcoming 8th edition of WH40k. They also recap the Menza Masquerade — looking at the event overall as well as the top performers.

The last part of the podcast involves a discussion of grav (or lack thereof) in the current meta. What does the relative absence of grav empower? What is good again?


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State of the Meta – Episode 014

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to episode 14 of State of the Meta. In this episode, the boys cover the Ímperial releases in the Gathering Storm trilogy — books 1 and 3. Lord Guilliman is a focal point of the analysis.  Later in the episode, a bit of focus is lent to the mission pack of the upcoming Menza Masquerade event coming up this weekend.

NB: We realised after recording the power of the Castellans of the Imperium detachment when taken with Coteaz to make it all Objective Secured, even if the troops units only come back on a 5+! That is certainly a power-play.

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State of the Meta – Episode 013

This week on State of the Meta the boys hypothesise about the ‘Talons of the Emperor’ release and briefly discuss the capability of Dreadnoughts in the current meta. The feature of this week is an in-depth analysis of the new Ynnari faction with their special characters, Revenant discipline and reborn warhost detachment.

Shawn and Jeremy put forward some archetypes making the most of the new rules.

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State of the Meta – Episode 012

Episode 12 begins with an exploration of the psychological component of 40k — what mind games are going on behind the resin curtain?

In the second part of the episode, Shawn and Jeremy take a close look at Necrons. Can our robotic overlords still be competitive in the ITC Meta? The boys think so!

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State of the Meta – Episode 010

Which octupus or elephant could have predicted this? 7 awards, 1 car. This week Jeremy and Shawn were accompanied by special guest Adam Camilleri on the drive up to Cancon – and all of them cleaned up! Not only that, but the three boys stacked the top 3 ITC rankings for the event.

Listen in to hear the boys trepidaciously discuss their lists before the event and then return for an insightful recap. This is not an episode to miss. Can it be repeated? Thanks again to Adam for joining Jeremy and Shawn on ‘State of the Meta’. Looking forward to having you on again in the future!

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State of the Meta – Episode 009

A slightly shorter episode this week as we prepare for the upcoming Cancon event in Canberra. Whilst the duration may be a relief for some, it’s still packed with awesome tactica as Shawn and Jeremy do another in-depth analysis of Blood Angels – this week from the perspective of a list submitted by one of our listeners, Matthew Taverna. Thanks for the awesome submission Matt, we hope our suggestions prove useful on your journey to No.1 ITC ranked BA player in 2017!

To round out the episode we have a look at some of the rumors filtering through regarding the Gathering Storm campaign. We recently got a sneak peak of the rules for the three new heroes of the Imperium, and let me tell you, with statline’s like these, they may just stop Horus at the gates single-handedly!

Stay tuned next week for more tactica and theorycrafting, and as always, if you have any suggestions or requests, we’d love to hear from you!

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State of the Meta – Episode 008

Hey guys, welcome to episode 8 of State of the Meta. In this week’s jam packed(!) episode the boys interview Scott Devall, TO of the upcoming CANCON 2017 ITC championship event. Jeremy and Shawn pick Scott’s brain about some of the main issues pertaining to this year’s event and obtain some TO specific rulings.

The second half of the podcast is an in-depth Blood Angels tactica, looking at all things ‘Blood Angels’, especially in the ITC competitive scene. This tactica was a special request from the Hoarder’s very own Miro Bellini – so please send us your requests if you would like us to do a similar tactica for your own favourite army! Lastly, it’s worth nothing that Scott’s servo skull ruling has been clarified by the ITC interim ruling made yesterday. Furthermore, Saint Celestine has also received new (and spectacular) changes since the boy’s discussion of ‘hit and run’ enablers (in the discussion about Dante). 40k is moving very fast at the moment!

Hope you enjoy!

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