State of the Meta – Episode 007

In this episode the boys talk about the upcoming Australian ITC Championship Event at Cancon 2017. They discuss current movers and shakers of the ITC metagame and how to build lists to compete in this rapidly evolving competitive environment. It’s worth noting that the tactics and strategies discussed are also highly relevant to the upcoming LVO 2017 also.

Some of the archetypes focused on include Riptide Wing, Cyclopia Cabal star, Genestealer Cults, Battle Company, War Convocation, Eldar MSU and AV12/13 saturation (remembering double Knight is legal at Cancon!). Also likely to be prevalent is a whole host of Gargantuan/Monstrous Creatures, particularly with the recent Wrath of Magnus release. Magnus is a bit of a beast!

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State of the Meta – Episode 006

And we’re back after a brief hiatus, the holiday period is a crazy time of year so many merry wishes to all! =D

In this weeks episode we go over the last 2 legions from the Traitor’s Hate supplement, the Death Guard and Emperor’s Children legions, the former being arguably one of the most potent of the new army lists and Jeremy share’s with us some of his thoughts when approaching the 14th Legion.

Also in this week we briefly touch on the new Agent’s of the Imperium codex and, more pertinently, some of the indications unfolding regarding a new release schedule/model from Games Workshop which could hint at what we can expect in the future. 8th edition may well be closer than we realize …

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State of the Meta – Episode 005

The Traitor Legions book came out last weekend, so the guys get cracking straight into it with a breakdown of each legion. Unfortunately however, you’ll have to stay tuned next week to get more insight into the Death Guard and Emperors Children, as the book is packed with awesome new rules to really push Chaos Space Marines long, including new formations, Psychic Powers and ‘Decurion’ style compound detachments. Also in next weeks episode is a walk through the latest Agents of the Imperium book.

Don’t forget to check out our facebook page at and give a shout out to our amazing crew there or post up your own thoughts and suggestions! Catch you next week!

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State of the Meta – Episode 004

This week Jeremy and Shawn run through the latest 40k release: Wrath of Magnus. Whilst dissecting this eagerly awaited gem we stumble across a few surprise Easter Eggs which are sure to upset a your mates at the local tournament (if they don’t get FAQ’d!). Keep an eye on the front page as we unveil this deceptively potent new combo in a comprehensive, dedicated tactica article.

On the set list for next week is the exciting release of the new Traitor Legions book on the horizon!

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State of the Meta – Episode 003

A jam packed episode this week as there’s been a lot going on in both the 40k AND the Age of Sigmar scene recently. We’re joined by special guest Josh Sven to give us a big run down of how the recent ‘Ardfists tournament ran. We also briefly discuss our performance at Santahammer and gloss over tactics to use when facing two of ITC’s heavyweights; White Scars Battle Company and Cyclopean Cabal with Khorne Daemonkin allies. Caine Marshall also pops in briefly to offer some insight on the other big contender; Tau monster mash.

Stay tuned next week as we go through an in depth tactical analysis of the upcoming Thousand Sons codex.

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State of the Meta – Episode 002

In this weeks  episode you’ll catch us traveling interstate to compete in the recent Santahammer event. On the drive up (down?) we discuss the event itself, along with some theory-crafting and break-downs of the lists we chose to take.

Note: There may be some background noise on this one 😉

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State of the Meta – Episode 001

Introducing the inaugural State of the Meta podcast. For our first episode Jeremy and I touch briefly on the plethora of new releases from GW, including Traitors Hate, Angels Blade, Genestealer Cult and the new formations for Sisters of Silence and Custodes. We then move on to some general theorycrafting regarding list building and ITC tournament discussion.

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