Ep 02 – Saved by the Blood

We’re back!

This time around we discuss the upcoming Kharadron Overlords (out now at the time posting), wade shin deep into the tides of blood made from the Blades of Khorne and discuss some crazy ideas for a narrative army.

This episode is more ordered and has a new format to it, we present to you a few of our recurring segments: The Triumph News Network (TNN), More than Meets the Eye, and Tomes & Talismans.

You know who’s totally rad? You are! Thanks so much for checking out our pilot ep and giving us some awesome feedback, we¬†aim to keep making interesting and exciting epiosdes for you!

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The Triumph Table pilot ep – Old World Nonsense

Welcome to our first episode in our brand new podcast series.
Brae and Sven introduce themselves and discuss their background, what they’re about and some of the leaked goods for the upcoming Khorne release for Age of Sigmar.

Make sure you stay tuned for future eps, as they will be up every fortnight!

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