Weekly Warscrolls – Blades of Khorne comparison

By now, You all will have seen all sorts of new things pop up in your favourite hobby-interweb-space to do with the Blades of Khorne, one of the latest releases from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar.
Well I figure now it’s time for me to dust off my Khorne daemons and take them for a blood-soaked romp through the realms to see what exactly has changed should you choose to switch from standard Chaos Allegiance to Blades of Khorne. While I’m writing this I’m using the spiffy new cards to help with units and the book open beside me on the important new details. These cards make everything so much easier!
I digress. I am imagining a great deal more blood with the Blades.

For this, the unit and battalion summaries will be kept brief and we’ll focus mostly on the allegiance abilities and “artefacts”. Let the skull taking commence!

Matched Play – 1500 points, Vanguard
Blood Host of Khorne 120
Skarbrand – 400
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthrister – 360
3x min units of bloodletters – 300
4x min units of Flesh Hounds – 400
1480 total.

Before we dive into units, I’d like to point out that the points have remained the same in both General’s Handbook and the Blades of Khorne Battletome.

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