Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Warscrolls, I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday breaks and are ready for a big year of Age of Sigmar awesomeness.
This weeks warscrolls will actually be the Battalions featured in the Spire of Dawn box set, the warscrolls for each of the units can be found on the Games Workshop webpage or the Age of Sigmar App. I won’t be going through each individual Warscroll from the box but I will be highlighting certain abilities from them to explain how the Battalion abilities work.

Guardians of the Dawnspire

1 High Warden.

1 Archmage.

1 Unit of Swordmasters.

1 Unit of Spireguard.

1 Unit of Reavers.
These are the good guys (Yay!), It’s made up from two different factions, Swifthawk Agents & Eldritch Council. Altogether this battalion makes up 860 minimum for pitched battle, so if you can get your hands on a box still it’s a good start to your army if you want collect Aelfs (Aelves?).
The first of the abilities on this battalion is ‘Emissaries of the Eldritch Council’, what this does is gives the Archmage and Swordmasters the Swifthawk Agents key word which then let’s you use Spireguard as a battleline unit giving you the two battleline units required for the Vanguard army composition. It also allows you to use the High Wardens Hurricane Charge command ability on all units in this formation.
The second ability is Martial Defence, this allows you to move (no running) or shoot during the Hero phase if they’re with in 16″ of the High Warden. This ability is handy for taking out buffing units before the charge or moving into a better position to attack or potentially disrupt the opponent on his way to an objective.

Ripnikk’s Raiders

1 Skaven Warlord.

2 units of Clanrats.

1 unit of Rat Ogors

1 Packmaster

1 Warlock Engineer

1 Warpfire Thrower weapon team

1 Poisoned Wind Mortar weapon team.
These are the bad guys (Boo!), these guys are made of three different factions, Verminus, Moulder & Skryre, but because the 2 units of Clanrats make up the battleline requirements you are good to go.

This battalion comes to 700 points minimum for pitched battle, slightly less than the Aelfs (Aelves?…) but they’re what you’d call a glass hammer.
The first ability in this battalion is Kill-kill, Quick-quick. What this allows you to do is during the hero phase pick a unit within 13″ of your Warlord and that’s with in 3″ of an enemy unit, you can then pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase. This gives you the opportunity to weaken the enemy unit before the actual combat phase or attack one unit and then move out and attack another in you movement/combat phase.
The second ability is Fiendish Ambush. This allows you to keep a maximum of three units in reserves, In any of your hero phases you can set up a unit within 9″ of a hero and more than 9″ from the enemy, but they can not move in their next movement phase. If all the heros have been slain and there are still units off the board they are considered slain as well. Luckily these guys have some strong shooting and multiple leaders, if you can keep them safe then you should be fine.

Well I hope that helps anyone who is interested in the battalions from the Spire of Dawn box set, both of them are nicely balanced when playing under the pitch battle rules and also leave room to bolt on extra for when you play other armies.
Next up we will be going through some of the units and other fun bits of the new Disciples of Tzeentch book, but until then remember…


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