Weekly Warscroll: Daemons of Chaos – Khorne

Welcome to the  next Weekly Warscroll!

Like Sven last week, I’m going to break down my 1000 point list of Khorne Daemons that I ran at ‘Ardfists 2016.
First up I’ll let you know what I ran, then we’ll break them down by the units:


Daemon Cohort of Khorne Battalion
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
3 units of min Bloodletters
1 unit of min Bloodcrushers

You’re basic choice, even outside a battalion, these Daemons are the core of any Khorne Daemons army without putting special units in to make other count as battle-line.
A 5+ save means it’s going to be hard to keep models around but so long as you take an Icon in the unit, there’s a chance you can recoup your losses.

Whether in a 10 man unit or 20, Bloodletters are fantastic at holding up multi-wound units long enough for your big hitters to get into the bloodletting. They can also pose a decent threat as these basic models have rend and can dish out mortal wounds if they roll a 6 or more when they hit something.
Taking more means more skulls for the skull throne. Have 20 or more in your unit and they get +1 to their hit rolls meaning there’ll be more Mortal wounds about.



These guys get a slightly better save of 4+, can move faster and have more wound than Bloodletters. Otherwise their stats and special rules remain largely the same.

They can dish out Mortal wounds on to hit rolls of 6 or higher, but mind their charge: every enemy unit within an inch of them will cop D3 mortal wounds! This makes Bloodcrushers, coupled with having 4 wounds a model, ideal for charging into multiple units.

I keep it to 3 in a unit for 1000 points

-Skullmaster (Herald on Juggernaut)

The same, yet slightly different

The next rung up from Bloodcrushers, the Skullmaster is perfect for keeping close to the lesser units to give them a decent buff.

In the special rules dept, he shares the same stuff as the Bloodcrushers. The one difference is, the turns he charges he gets to reroll all failed hits.
The benefit of taking the Skullmaster is that he allows my other units to benefit from their Locus of Fury/Wrath special rules. So that means my Bloodletters can reroll To Hit rolls of 1 and my Bloodcrushers can reroll ALL failed hits.

Run him as close to the Bloodcrusher as possible to cause as many mortal wounds as possible.

-Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster

Or, as I like to call him; Diablo!

Just like every other Monster in the game, he has a variable statline based on how much damage he takes. Mind you, I have found he’s still just as dangerous after being hurt as he is on full wounds.

Get him into combat ASAP and make sure he’s nearby some of your other units to help back him up/keep other units off him. With the fact he rerolls all failed hits against other Heroes or Monsters, thanks to Relentless Hunter, and the fact his ranged attacks do multiple points of damage it would seem he is ideally placed in one on one fights.
His Hellfire breath does auto D3 Mortal Wounds to a unit that’s 8 inches away and his Bloodflail does a whopping 6 damage when the Bloodthirster has copped no damage. Goodbye enemy characters.
In combat, however, I try to aim for low wound count units. With the amount of damage he puts out, he can decimate such units with only a couple of attacks. He can go after the bigger things later.

With all his special rules and amazing stats, this guy only has a 4+ save. Cop enough rends and he’s a goner for sure. If it looks like he’s gonna struggle, use his command ability Lord of the Blood Hunt to bring the Crushers/Skullmaster in to help him out. This ability allows a unit he chooses, that’s up to 16″ away, to run AND charge in the same turn.

Being a character, Bloodletters and Bloodcrushers get their Locus benefit if they’re close enough.

-Battalion – Daemon Cohort of Khorne
I ran this as I wanted something kinda cool at ‘Ardfists rather than just battle-line units and a couple guys. It’s rules are actually pretty nifty.

Your models wound better on any turn they charge. For the Wrath of Khorne Thirster, this is amazing regardless of how many wounds he’s copped. This is why he’s always dangerous in the games I run him in.

Should you wipe out any unit in combat with one from the Cohort there’s a chance that that unit can immediately pile in and attack again.
Bloodcrushers really come in handy with their multi-charge, if any happen to outright destroy a unit, their pile in will all but guarantee they ALL will get to attack again.

This WHOLE army has a rend of -1, except the mount attacks from the Skullmaster and Bloodcrushers. The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirsters Combat attacks have -2.
So every army you face has less staying power than they normally would.

-Artefacts and Traits
Didn’t know this when I wrote the list originally, but being a battalion I can take an extra artefact. Handy.
I take the Favour of the Gods on the Skullmaster, that one extra wound really helps. However, on the Bloodthirster, I’ll take either the Daemon weapon or Chaos Runeblade on him, that’s either an extra attack or an extra bit of damage (mortal wound) on a Monster that already dishes out tonnes of damage.

The Bloodthirster is always my General, so I like to give him Lord of War. Picking a unit 3″ away from him to get +1 to the hit rolls for that unit. Couple that with his Chaos Battle Trait, which does the same but only if you roll a 6 for the unit you pick that’s within 8″.
If you’re lucky (and it’s happened a lot for me) that could mean your Bloodcrushers/Bloodletters/Skull master can cause Mortal wounds on a 4+/5+ (adding two the dice roll – 4 becomes 6).

For the beginner player, this is an excellent place to start. Minimal shooting, mostly combat and no magic to worry about makes it easy for the player to get the general rules down pat.
This army IS a lot of fun to play and can dish out a fair bit of damage.
However, to get the best out of it, you need to keep certain units close to each other. This can be an issue as the opponent could easily envelope your forces.
Split up the units into pairings, like Bloodthirster with bloodletters, giving them the benefit of his command ability and have the Bloodcrushers and Skullmaster wreak havoc elsewhere.

And thats my list breakdown,the denizens of the Blood God certainly know how to fight.
That’s the Weekly Warscroll for this week.
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or even requests for warscrolls you’d like to have broken down, feel free to message us on here or Facebook.
Thanks for reading.

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