Weekly Warscrolls – Monstrous Arcanum

Jumping straight into this Weekly Warscroll without an intro, ballsy.
This time, we’re going to take a look at a couple of the bigger, meaner things in the beastiary of Sigmar. These massive creatures can be found wandering the massive expanse of the Forgeworld and can be used in your games of Age of Sigmar.
This could go for a while, as there’s a lot of them… but we’re only gonna look at 3 of them at a time so let’s get right to it!

Skaarac the Bloodborn!

Favoured of Khorne eh? Well, I didn’t vote for him

Skaarac is HUGE!
I mean, just look at that size comparison! But it’s not just his physical size, he’s got a whopping 16 wounds as well.
He’s got a single shooting attack, which has an 8″ range that is less likely to wound the more he gets hurt. it does D6 damage though, so if it hits and wounds the damage is gonna be worth it. especially when used while he’s in the middle of a melee.

Them blades in his forearms clearly aid in his ability to get some blood for the Blood God, at full wounds they reap a massive 2D6 attacks hitting and wounding on 3+ and causes a -2 rend, even with a shield models are gonna drop. If anything happens to still be in combat when he’s made those attacks he can furiously stomp the model or unit into the dirt with 6 attacks for the stomping.

His resilience is pretty decent, each time he kills at least one model (which, let’s face it, he will) in the combat phase, he regains D3 wounds back at the end of the combat phase thanks to his Life Eater special rule.
As brutal as he is though, I’d say he’s likely better off charging after units rather than heroes, his Towering Horror ability, when coupled with his damage output, means that the unit taking battleshock after losing some models must do so at -2 to their bravery…meaning more models are gonna disappear pretty durn quick, if they haven’t already been sliced and stomped.

If you make hime your general, he can make any Khorne Monsters within 12″ of him run and charge in the same turn. Imagine taking a few of those particular beasties.
He’s a good force to have on your side, take away the power of your opponent’s casters as well, he makes them reroll successful casting rolls thanks to Infernal Iron, beware though; get your own spellcasters close enough and they’ll suffer the same perils.

Should he die, Skaarac explodes and inflicts a mortal wound on each MODEL that’s close enough to feel the heat of his magma-like blood. So no matter what Skaarac does, he’s definitely going to make the blood flow from every corner of the battlefield.


Well… I didn’t really need to sleep anyway

This guy is scary. You think you can take him down with high rend value attacks or mortal wounds? HA! think again; thanks to Haunter of the Dark this crazy phantasm is immune to ALL rend and has a 50% chance to ignore any and all mortal wounds dealt to him.
Not that it would be an easy thing to do that is, to try and hit him you must subract 2 from your to hit rolls if your bravery is 6 or less or subtract 1 from them instead if your bravery is 7 or higher due to him being a Ghastly Apparition.
So instantly, it’s already kinda difficult to remove it from your battle.

To make it even more difficult, Devourer of Flesh and Souls means any time it slays any model in combat it INSTANTLY gains d3 wounds back. That’s a lot of wounds coming on back, as his Claws do 2 damage whenever your opponent fails their saves. This means it’ll take a long time for him to start getting worse in its wounds chart.

Sure he could do heaps of damage in combat as he gets more attacks every time he rolls a 6 to hit these in turn generate more attacks on 6’s and so on, but thanks to matched play this a little hamstrung thanks to the Rule of One. But he thing about a Mourngul is that it’s a beautifully tough model to effectively tar-pit your opponent long enough to allow your other models do what they need to do.

Dread Saurian

Imagine seeing this in your rear-view mirror

Ok, I thought Skaarac was huge…but this guy takes the cake for this weeks monster of monsters.
Weighing in at a massive 16 wounds, the Dread saurian is a dino to be feared, especially when you’re taking a battleshock test nearby it, its Roar of Ruin will instil enough fear in you that you may see some of your units run as your bravery is reduced by 2.

He can heal, just like the other guys, but at a kind of faster rate; Glyphs of Hunger only allows him to regain D3 wounds in the combat phase if it inflicts one ore more unsaved wounds that combat phase, unlike the other two who have to kill models to regain wounds.

It’s not bad in combat either, getting a load of attack with its claws at full wounds and its jaws doing up to D6 damage (with a -3 rend!) it SHOULD be causing some decent damage every combat phase

He doesn’t get much more abilites, it’s a monster hunter: as, along with the amount of attacks and damage it does, it gets to reroll 1 when hitting or wounding any creatures with the Monster keyword. Which makes things interesting, as (at the time of writing this) the warscroll for the Dread Saurian doesn’t have the Monster Keyword on it. This can make things very interesting when coming across things that are great at killing monsters or have abilities that rely on that keyword.

That’s it for this weeks warscroll. Hope yáll enjoyed it.
Any suggestions for what to do next? drop us a line and we’ll get right on it!

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