Weekly Warscrolls – Blades of Khorne comparison

By now, You all will have seen all sorts of new things pop up in your favourite hobby-interweb-space to do with the Blades of Khorne, one of the latest releases from Games Workshop for Age of Sigmar.
Well I figure now it’s time for me to dust off my Khorne daemons and take them for a blood-soaked romp through the realms to see what exactly has changed should you choose to switch from standard Chaos Allegiance to Blades of Khorne. While I’m writing this I’m using the spiffy new cards to help with units and the book open beside me on the important new details. These cards make everything so much easier!
I digress. I am imagining a great deal more blood with the Blades.

For this, the unit and battalion summaries will be kept brief and we’ll focus mostly on the allegiance abilities and “artefacts”. Let the skull taking commence!

Matched Play – 1500 points, Vanguard
Blood Host of Khorne 120
Skarbrand – 400
Wrath of Khorne Bloodthrister – 360
3x min units of bloodletters – 300
4x min units of Flesh Hounds – 400
1480 total.

Before we dive into units, I’d like to point out that the points have remained the same in both General’s Handbook and the Blades of Khorne Battletome.


These guys can give a good lickin’ when they want to

If you’d like a more in-depth look at these guys check out another Khorne write-up I did here.
Keeping it simple, if these guys manage to get any 6’s, when they hit in combat, there’s gonna be some mortal wounds dished out. They’re a battleline unit that always rends as well so there’s that going for them. I’m not paying the points to bring any new Bloodletters to the fore, so I’ll take the Bloodsoaked banner on 1 0r 2 of the units giving me increased charge range should they kill a hero. the remainder takes the Gore-Drenched Icon which will allow them to hopefully come back

Flesh Hounds

Who’s a good flesh-ravaging, gore-soaked boy?

Khorne is a dog-person, You know it. I know it. The other Chaos Gods know it
These fast moving 2-wound animals may not seem tough, but when you get enough of them together in a pack, watch out! 4 attacks per doggo with a really good chance to hit already.

They’re Tireless Hunters so they are always raring for the charge and can reroll any failed charge rolls they make, giving a great chance for them to get to their target.
If an enemy wizard attempts to cast a spell, these puppers can unbind one spell each enemy hero phase thanks to their Collars of Khorne. Keep a hero nearby, they can reolll these unbinds if a Daemon Hero of Khorne is within 8″ with the Locus of Abjuration.

Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster

I’ll use any chance to show off my favourite model

Got loads to say, but like I said.. gotta keep it simple. Again, he’s also in a previous write-up be sure to check it out.

This kid is usually my general for a good reason. his command ability is great for this particular Blood Host. Giving a unit the ability to run and Charge is HUGE!. I’ll give him an artefact to boost his combat prowess/survivability.
He’s the only thing with shooting attacks outside of Skarbrand himself; so make sure you utilise these. Being able to dish out D3 mortal wounds a turn plus 6 damage with his Bloodflail is not something you want to lose early on.
Like flesh hounds, he can unbind one spell per enemy hero phase. Unlike flesh hounds you add 2 to the result when he does it, giving you a greater chance to unbind.


Need I say more?

This guy is a, well, BEAST! I mean really. Get him angry enough and even the Hulk looks like the weakest one there is!

Skarbrand is the only model, that I know of, that gets better the MORE hurt he is. He gets access to MORE abilities depending on how hurt he is as well. Because the more hurt he becomes the more angry he gets… the angrier he gets. Well…don’t say I didn’t warn you.
There are 6 abilities to choose from, depending on the anger level of Skarbrand, he can pick 1-5 of them. For the most part, he gets to reroll certain dice on his weapons Slaughter and Carnage. You can elect to reroll his charge (handy) or reroll to see if he inflicts Total Carnage: if he gets it, you may as well remove your puny models as it does (always) 8 wounds with no saves of ANY kind allowed. ANY.

With this guy I was able to destroy a Great Unclean One in a SINGLE round of combat unassisted.
Mind you, a Lord of Change wiped the floor with him (pesky magic), so pick your battles wisely!

There is also his Roar of Total Rage which has you roll a set amount of dice depending how angry he is. For each roll of a 4+ that’s a mortal wound on a selected unit within 8″.

Blood Host of Khorne
So the Bloodhost of Khorne is great. It’s simple to remember.
Roll a D3 at the start of your hero phase. That many units get to pile in and attack as if it were the combat phase so long as they’re within 3″ of an enemy unit. (D6 units if you max out the battalion, but good luck with that in matched play)

That last part is easy to pull off with your flesh hounds getting a much better chance of making combat and Skarbrand as well. Also having the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster use his command ability can allow other units to be there quickly as well. You should have at least one unit in range to do this turn 2.

Got all that? good. you’ll need to remember this in a moment.

I PROMISE it’s not gonna be a quiz.

Chaos Allegiance
By now we should all be familiar with the General’s Handbook and what the allegiance abilities are.
In case you don’t though –
Battle Trait – Unpredictable Destruction:  if, at the start of the combat phase, I have a unit within 8″ of my general or Hero I roll a dice. If it’s a 6 I get to add 1 to my hit rolls for that unit. For skarbrand, that’s pretty sweet. Bloodletters, its awesome meaning I have a 1-in-3 chance of causing mortal wounds. Flesh hounds? I get WAY more hits in. overall it’s pretty good. But difficult to achieve.
Command Trait I usually pick between Great Destroyer, which makes Unpredictable Destruction go off on a 5 or 6 instead. Which works wonders, or I go Spiteful Destroyer making my general wound better with one of his melee weapons.
Artefacts – I’ll give my Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster  the Daemon Weapon in most cases to try increase the damage output. Even if it is a single mortal wound, it’s a wound that people can’t can’t save against in most cases.

Overall, this force works pretty well and very smoothly might I add. As you can see, I’ve done what I can to gain the ability to dish out as many Mortal wounds as possible. Whether it’s from Skarbrand, Bloodthirster or my Bloodletters I should be able to dole out some nice hurt. The flesh hounds are great for harassment and just pure hit/wound saturation. Sure no rend, but that’s still a great deal of saves you gotta make. Generally pretty happy with this force. But let’s open up Blades of Khorne and see how we do now!

Blades of Khorne
I’ve been waiting for so long to find a way to go on a murderous rampage without getting in trouble. This book is the key to metaphorically rip your opponents to metaphorical  ribbons. A blood-haze instantly engulfs you and all you see is red. Kill. Maim. Burn!
Blood for the Blood God!!!

Battle Trait – Blood for the Blood God! is the chant all loyal to Khorne scream in their murderous rampage and it fuels them with fire. Whether you’re a lowly mortal or a great Daemon of Khorne you can benefit from this. Anytime a unit dies. Any unit. Yours or theirs who cares, anytime a whole unit is destroyed you get a blood tithe token. You can garner 8 of these bad boys and use them as you see fit by the table in the book. Currently my army is pretty good at unbinding. but now if I have 2 Blood tithe tokens, I get an auto-unbind, I don’t roll…it’s not from any unit. I just get to unbind. If I use 5 I can pick a unit to pile in and attack immediately as if it were the combat phase (might use this during my opponents hero phase for some sneaky attacks). There’s so many benefits to my army already and a great range for what it can now do.
Depending on how many you want to use for what purpose you can use your tithes at any time to assist you. As soon as you use some you must discard any leftover and start gaining more blood tithes. Check them out below:

Can be used in any Hero Phase? Yes please!

Command Trait  – Khorne Daemons get their own unique awesome command trait and there are two I’d like to use: Arch-Slaughterer which gives me an additional blood tithe point when my general slays an enemy hero or monster. We’ve already established that Blood Tithes are cool. Devastating Blow is another I’d like to use. if my to hit roll for any melee attacks made by my general are 6 he causes as many mortal wounds as his weapons’damage value. So on my Bloodthirster there’s a good chance with his 6 attacks of him getting to do more mortal wounds.
Aretfacts – Here’s more fun stuff. Daemons get these “Daemonic Gifts” aka artefacts of power which are just plain awesome!
If I take the Arch-Slaughterer trait, I’ll give the Bloodthirster A’rgath, the King of Blades. Watch puny Heroes fall as the Bloodthirster now ALWAYS hits on 2’s in combat. Always. Thats 5ever’. A better way to gain blood tithes using a model that’s got rerolls to hit against enemy Heroes and monsters already. Hit on 2’s – reroll 1’s. Deliciously malicious.
If I take Devastating Blow I can do A’rgath again…or I can take the Hellfire Blade. This weapon makes my Bloodthirster deal a single mortal wound in addition to any other damage the weapon causes on a to hit roll of 6. So now, when my Bloodthirster rolls a 6 to hit, he not only get D3 mortal wounds (because he normally does D3 damage) but I add 1 to this now too, so there’s ate least 2 mortal wounds coming your way.

Whew…this is intense. you can see now that this army just got way more painful if you let it in to combat. But I’m not done yet…there’s one more new thing.
Those aretfacts I mentioned? those are just the Daemonic Weapons. There’s another load of Daemonic Gifts to choose from and these ones are called Daemonic Adronments. Just to clarify; you can still only take one artefact (you can get more through battalions, but still only ever one per non-unique Hero) on any single hero model, you’ve just got lots to pick from now.

Lets see what happens if i take adornments instead of the weapons:

Using Arch-Slaughterer I’ll use the Crimson Soulstone adornment. Not only is it cool because my model is DIABLO and actually has one embedded in his friccin’ head, but this allows him to heal D3 wounds anytime he kills an enemy Hero in combat making him slightly more long lived.
If I take Devastating Blow I will definitely take The Crimson Crown.  This means my Bloodthirster and any friendly Khorne Daemons within 8″ get an extra attack whenever they roll a 6 to hit in combat. So now not only do I auto do Mortal wounds on a 6, but I get to roll a new dice and possibly do more. This goes the same for my Bloodletters. Skarbrand is just beastly, can you imagine roll a 6 to hit on Carnage?! You might just be lucky enough to pull out a whopping 16 unsaveable wounds in a round of combat. but with one dice that’s pretty hard to pull off, but when it does…HOO-Boy!

Blood haze lowering….ok. So you can see, the damage output is severely increased now. In fact the chances of my doing mortal wounds have shot up tremendously. Blood tithes add great defence abilities or extra chances to do MORE attacks. To summarise:

My Battalion allows me to pick up to D3 units to pile in and attack in my hero phase. if I’m lucky, blood tithes will be generated via Mortal Wound saturation plus bonus attacks if I took the right Adornment/Weapon/Trait. Skarbrand gets angrier as the games goes on due to him getting hurt or being out of combat, if close enough to the Bloodthirster his damage output will be insane! So Devastating blow +Hellfireblade/The Crimson Crown will be a great combo to take to benefit my army as a whole.

To seriously dish out damage on Heroes then Arch-Slaughterer +A’rgath/Crimson Soulstone to help keep my general on the field to use his command ability more and allow other units to use their Loci abilites. Also cap objectives depending on the game.

My adrenaline has been pumping the entire time I’ve been writing this and cannot WAIT to collect some skulls for my patron deity. Who knows, maybe I’ll focus more on these guys than my Seraphon.
What do you guys think? Who’s used this already? would love to see you input and how your old lists are performing now.

As an additional, you can still run the standard chaos stuff with your khorne things and still do great things. For me though. I think I’ll grab my blades and head out for a night in the realms revelling in the blood lust!

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