Weekly Warscrolls – Daemons of Nurgle

Feeling ill? Something gross caught at the back of your throat? Covered in gross weeping wounds?
Maybe you’ve been blessed by the generous Grandfather Nurgle. All he wants is for you to live and enjoy life, by making you deathly ill.

You could be one of his chosen, but his children – the Daemons of Nurgle are many and in this week’s warscroll we’re having a look at the Tallyband of Nurgle alongside the units that make up the battallion.
Shout out to Jarrod Brehaut for always being on us to cover Daemons of Nurgle. What a funky guy.

Before I begin, I should point out that I don’t play Nurgle Daemons. I’m analysing what I think works for the battallion. If i’ve got something wrong, please let me know.

So the Tallyband is a pretty nice battallion (we’ll cover this after going through the units we’re taking for it.)
Inside it you can take:
1x Great Unclean One
6+ units made up of any combination of the following:
– Plaguebearer Hero
– Plaguebearers
– Beasts
– Nurglings
– Plague Drones

We’re aiming for 1500 points here. So, in our Tallyband we’ll take:
1x GUO – 240 points
2x Herald of Nurgle – 200
2x 10 model Plaguebearer units – 200 points
1x 2 model Beasts of Nurgle – 120
2x 6 model Nurglings units – 160
2x 3 model Plague Drone units – 440
Tallyband of Nurgle – 100

Not a BIG army, something nice to get started with. One wizard and plenty of tricks across the army so let’s get started.

Great Unclean One

Looks scary, but actually super jolly

So this big guy is what gets you started on the road to supreme gross-ness and never dying (Unless hit by Skarbrand first, BOOM)
10 wounds and a 4+ save is pretty average for daemons of his size. Nothing special in his stats. But when we look closely at his unique rules, that’s when things get interesting.
Blubber and Bile is a rule he gets (and the rest of the army gets similar) that allows him to shrug off even the toughest of wounds. Any time he fails a save, he get to roll an extra die…on a 5+ he ignores it (even Mortal wounds). On a 6+ the attacking unit cops a mortal wound instead. So he’s pretty tough, AND dishes out more wounds without having to raise a leprous finger.
PLUS he regains d3 wounds back every time it comes to your hero phase. He’s hard to kill!

Being a wizard, he can cast some spells (only one a turn mind). To me, the best spell to help you out is Plague Wind. It affects all units within a 14″ straight line from him. The end model must be an enemy however. If successfully cast, every enemy unit that line hits will cop D3 mortal wounds. If any friendly Nurgle units are under the line then a single model in the unit can regain D3 wounds.  Pretty neat.

So this guy is basically here to help absorb wounds and heal your units. What a guy!

Herald of Nurgle

Look at that smile

Heralds are pretty basic, but handy as the other units have abilities based on how close they are to these friendly Heralds of corpulence.
Not bad in combat, Balesword doing D3 damage for each successful wound. But again, the beauty comes in how resilient they are. In fact they are so Disgustingly Resilient that they too ignore all wounds on a 5+ (including Mortal Wounds) if they suffer any wounds.
This resilience can help certain other units, which you will see soon.

Some say that Nurgle is the god of Death, others say he’s the god of Life. Well I think it’s safe to say he is both; with In Death There is Life your herald regains a single wound anytime a unit is wiped out and he’s 7″ away from it. What’s really cool here is, this works even if your OWN units perish and he’s nearby.


Good luck trying to hold onto your lunch

Your baseline models, your battleline units.
Keep them nearby a Daemon Hero of Nurgle to allow the to reroll saves of 1, just in case they aren’t good at rolling their saves, thanks to the Locus of Fecundity. Should this reroll not help don’t worry, Papa nurgz has you covered (ew actually, no); Plaguebearers are just as Disgustingly Resilient as their Heralds.

It’s going to be hard to kill them until they get close though and by then it could be too late. Cloud of Flies will make it really hard to hit them with any shooting attack. They’re so grossly covered in them flies that your opponent MUST subtract 1 from any to hit rolls for their shooting attacks if the plaguebearers are the target.

Once again, these guys are HARD to kill and make excellent blocking units or objective holders. Keep them near a Daemon Hero of Nurgle as much as possible.

Beasts of Nurgle

This is one pupper you don’t want to touch

Arguably, my favourite unit in Sigmar and 40k. They’re just SO frigging happy to be around everyone!
And it’s true, you might find that these slimy, pustulent, virulent beasts have more in common with your very own dog. Albeit with some deadly differences.
Attention Seekers is a rule that means they can basically always charge. They get to run and charge…or retreat and charge in the same turn. For those of you not in the know, if you choose to retreat from combat, normally you’re stuck and can do nothing else for a whole turn…these guys can retreat AND then follow up with a charge. Meaning they can hop in and out of combat/playtime as much as they like.

Slime Trail is just lovely. These guys make such a mess that when they get charged you roll a dice for each model that finishes within 1″ of the Beasts at the end of the charge move. Any 6 you roll is a Mortal wound. Basically your opponent slips and melts a little in the gross stuff your beasts have been trailing around.

Keep them close to your Heralds of Nurgle, there’s a chance you can double out the amount of damage you do thanks to Locus of Virulence. So make sure if the beasts run, a herald runs with them, he won’t be able to charge, but the point is to try do as much damage as possible with the beasts. when the beasts are 7″ or less away from him, any to wound roll of 6 will cause double damage. That’s 2 damage with its claws and tentacles and D3x2 damage with its tongue.


You could hug them…maybe?

Yet another unit that won’t die easy. At 4 wounds per base, it’s going to be a hard fight to remove them. Made even harder thanks to their being an Endless Swarm. If any bases still have wounds remaining in the battleshock phase (doesn’t matter whose) they regain all their lost wounds. Goody.

They may not be very good at combat, but woe betide any who are hurt by them. Disease-Ridden Demise will potentially lose you D3 mortal wounds if you got hurt by any nurglings and lived to tell the tale. If the Nurgle player rolls a 5+ at the end of the combat phase that is.

Take these guys in a decently sized unit. Sure, they have no save, but with a massive unit that’s a lot of wounds your opponent must get through. 6 bases, as mentioned earlier, is a tight 24 wounds and battleshock won’t be a thing they need to worry about anytime soon.
Run them into big creatures to tarpit them, or create a line of them to force your opponent around you. Also a good objective holding unit.

Plague Drones

The funkiest of cavalry

Last on the list are the plague drones. Giant flies ridden by the plaguebearers.
In matched play we’re not worrying about the icon here, as we’d have to account for the new drones in our points costing. Bell tollers also aren’t 100% necessary.
The usefulness here come from them being just as Disgustingly Resilient as the Plaguebearers and the Heralds.

They have a neat ability to potentially do a mortal wound plus the regular damage for ANY of their attacks if they’re within 7″ of a Daemon of Nurgle Hero. Like the Great Unclean one or either of the Heralds.  Any to wound rolls of 6+ will proc that. Locus of Contagion is what

Their ability to fly allows you to zip them on up where they are needed quickly and either wait for a hero there or play catch up to a hero in need. Excellent for board control/harrassment.

Tallyband of Nurgle

So now we come to it. We can see that everything in this army is going to be tough to kill as it is. Well, thanks to the Tallyband, they’re now even harder to get rid of.

Impossible Resilience means that any model from the Tallyband, that’s within 21″of the Great Unclean One (potentially including himself) in your Hero Phase regains D3 wounds. Fantastic news for your Drones, Beasts, and Heralds. Nurglings are unaffected really.
However, you can choose to return D3 models to Plaguebearer units within 21″ instead if you wish. Both are a really good way to keep your army around and really get to the opponent. You’ll sway them to Papa Nurgles way soon enough.

So let’s see how this works… the GUO is your MVP, keep him alive as much as possible. He heals D3 (or 2D3 thanks to the tallyband) wounds per turn and can heal your own units thanks to his spell Plague Wind. By using that you can regain D3 models to your plaguebearers (Impossible Resilience) as your multi-wound models regain wound thanks to the spell.

Your Nurglings create walls or tarpits as you see fit, good luck to your opponent getting away from them anytime soon.
The Drones can zip around anywhere you like, make sure they keep a hero in sight though to get the damage output you need.

Clearly the strength of this army is the synergy of the units, this is going to be a tough army to kill. Do not ever let your heroes go at something alone otherwise you may find that you have lost favour with Nurgle after all.

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks warscroll. A little bigger this time around to be sure but I really enjoyed checking out another corner of the Chaos cohorts.
Any requests? Do you have an army idea that you want to have checked out? drop us a line, we’re happy to analyse it and put it in a future Weekly Warscroll



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