Weekly Warscrolls – Lizardm…Seraphon

Another week, another warscroll.
This time around I’ll be going through my army I might be running at an upcoming tournament (not gonna say which, you’ll just have to find out!). I’ve run this as well as other lists for Seraphon only a couple times but let’s get into this awesome Seraphon force:

1500 points, Vanguard army set-up
Eternal Starhost:
– 1 Saurus Eternity Warden
– 3 units of Saurus Guard
Shadowstrike Starhost
– 1 Skink Priest
– 2 units of Chameleon Skinks
– 1 unit of Ripperdactyl Riders

Looks like a lot, and the amount of models in the skink and Guard units can certainly make it so.
I will quickly break down the warscrolls abilities followed by their battalion. Then tell you why I like to run these two together.

Remnants of the Old World, the Seraphon wage war against all who stand with Chaos

First off the ranks is the Saurus Eternity Warden:

Eternally playing that one scene from The Bodyguard

This guy is pretty rad, he’d almost be on par with the Sunblood in terms of outright baddassery if it weren’t for his lack of shield.
Normally his ability to protect a Slann is pretty nifty, but I’m not taking one so that goes right out the window.
However, his Alpha Warden ability is pretty great when he’s near some Saurus Guard, giving each model an extra attack with it’s Polearm.
By himself he’s pretty decent in combat and can go toe-to-toe with many things, but he’s better off with something to support him.

Next up are the loyal Saurus Guard

Somehow better than their head-guy

I need 3 units, so I take 2 units of 10 and 1 of 5.
Pick a hero, any hero (Seraphon only of course), and these guys will be great.
I like to play them only with a drum, getting to where they need to be is a must.
Like most Seraphon units, these guys have a decent save of 4+, however when they are near a Seraphon Hero you can add 1 to their save rolls making them tougher to take off the board. Couple this with the extra hits they get from the Eternity Warden and suddenly going into combat with these guys is kinda scary.

These two units make up the Eternal Starhost.
Now remember how the Warden gives some handy help just by being real close to any of the units of Guard? Well, we’re going to make the bubble of influence he has better with this battalion:

First up – Drakescale shieldwall – The Guard already get extra help with their saves by being within 8″of the Warden. Now the Battalion will increase that again by 1. Not forgetting the fact that the shields ignore -1 rends, these guys are basically not coming off the field anytime soon.
Second – Patient Guardians – You do not want to stay in combat with these guys longer than you have to. Not only are they not moving… they will do more damage the longer they are in combat – D3 damage for their polearms if they havent moved or charged in their player turn. With the Wardens Alpha Warden ability means these guys are getting more attacks. more attacks that can do D3 damage? Yikes!

Second group and now thing get interesting:
The Skink Priest

Cash me ousside, how bout dah?

Normally I don’t like skinks. This guy has changed my mind:
I take all his optional gear. Making sure I can rereoll runs and charges for all units near him is huge so Priestly Trappings to make sure Celestial Rites can do that is a must. Being able to position him where I want so he can do it is a big thing too, so make sure he has the Cloak of Feathers which allows him to fly, allows him to move 14″ instead of 8″ and makes him a teeny bit more survivable with a 4+ save.
So now the little guy is a huge buff to my whole army not just his battalion

I don’t summon things with him, mostly fly about and harass as I please.

Chameleon Skinks

The thorn in everybody’s side

Assasin’s Creed meets Herpetology.
These guys are woeful in combat. Don’t ever let them get there if you can help it. Just sayin’
Harassment though? Now we’re talking. I’ll take a unit of 10 and a unit of 5.
Chameleon Ambush allows these guys to start off the board and come on in any of my movement phases, wherever I please (3″ away from enemies of course), giving them perfect range to get off a round of shooting (FROM COVER) before disappearing again. Make sure these guys only come on when your opponent thinks it’s safe to get a little too close to some terrain then BAMF, Chameleon Skinks appear and gain a 3+ from the terrain feature thanks to Perfect Mimicry.

Star Venom is kind handy, meaning their blowpipes do 2 damage on a to hit roll of 6 or more. Not super big but when it goes off it could potentially be life-saving.

Getting too hot for them after your opponents turn? that’s fine they can disappear thanks to Disappear From Sight meaning they can take a breather and come back your next turn using their Chameleon Ambush again.

Last up is the Ripperdactyl squad

The Top Guns from 65 million years ago

Ripperdactyls are so much fun.
This fast moving unit can certainly tear their enemies to ribbons if they really wanted to.
Voracious Appetite means that they get more attacks the more they hit, get them into combat asap. Not a difficult feat with that Skink Priest flying about as well.
Toad Rage gives them more attacks if their enemy is within 2″of the Blot Toad you will have placed down at the start of the game. So, of course, try and use the rest of the army to distract the opponent from noticing it or funnel your opponent to it.
Swooping Dive is excellent (again more so if you’re near that Skink Priest) meaning that all these hits will get rerolls the turn you activate this rule.

These 3 units make up my second battalion. I don’t mind saying, it’s a little funky:
First and foremost, if I decide to have everything start on the board I can move them each up to 2d6″ once Set Up is complete thanks to Stealthy Advance. Really handy for early objective capture. But not necessary as you’ll soon see why.
The Trap is Sprung, my very mobile Skink Priest can now allow one unit from this battalion to reroll hit and wound rolls of 1. Again, this is awesome, but not super handy as my Chameleon skinks will be all over the place and the Ripperdactyls get a whole bunch of rerolls anyhow.
It’s the Battalions third ability where the fun truly begins: Strike From the Skies allows my flying unit (Ripperdactyls) to start off the board and fly in during any of my movement phases. They can be placed anywhere but more than 3″ from an enemy unit. Kinda like the Chameleons!
So put them 4″ away from the enemy by the Blot Toad when they do arrive and ensure your Priest is nearby as well. Rerolling that charge and their saves is going to really help.
This is big, potentially giving you a massive blow to your enemy very early in the game. Make sure that, when you bring them on, you declare your Swooping Dive.

Watch them devour your opponent with all them rerolls and all the hits!

Why run the two together?
Well, quite simply put, my “Heavy Hitters” are my ripperdactyls. Sure they might die quickly; but while my opponent is busy with them, my tough as nails Saurus Guard are busy waltzing on over to objectives to sit and hold them and not move.
Remembering if they’ve sat there and you’ve charged them, they get to hurt you more.
The Skink Priest plays the part of plucky hero as well offering the Guard their basic rules as a buff plus any handy rerolls he might be able to give them if the Warden dies.

Chameleon skinks are there for harassment and board control. Once my opponent is busy elsewhere I can bring them on and also cap an objective until they get close. then I’ll just disappear again to go elsewhere.

And that’s this weeks warscroll, which actually ends up being a force that totals 1,480 points.
Hope you found it an interesting read. Next time I’m up I’ll show you another Seraphon list I love to play… then I’ll look for suggestions as to what you’d like to read about.


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